Who Does Your Child Like Better Mom or Dad?

The dynamics between a child and his parents is a special thing.  You will soon notice the difference in your child when he is with you the mom, and then again when he is with the dad. I realized this phenomenon pretty much by accident.  If you haven’t noticed already, take some time and watch […]

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The Perils of Choosing the Right School

This may be one of the most stressful things that you will take part in. When I was growing up, there was only one school in my county that I was allowed to go to, so there was no need to research and investigate what would be the right place for me to learn. I […]

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What the Color of Your Child’s Stool Can Tell You

Stool seems to be the main topic of discussion once you have a child, probably because you are constantly dealing with it every day. From changing diapers to potty training, you are up to your elbows in feces for at least the first 18 years of your child’s life. Who are we kidding; boys are […]

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Clever Ways to Keep Your Baby Entertained

Playing with your baby can be such fun, but sometimes you need a break. When you have exhausted all of your tricks and energy you need a bit of help to keep your baby occupied. You are already the cook, the maid, and the chauffeur, so being the constant source of entertainment for your baby […]

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What Do All Those Cute Expressions Mean?

  Babies can be pretty expressive in their own way. The look on their faces can make you wonder what is really going on in their cute little heads.  Many of the faces have become well known and understood, but others can be downright confusing. What do all those cute expressions mean? Here is my […]

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Baby Pictures

Making Baby Memories That Last Forever

It gives me such a thrill to look back at my old baby pictures to see how precious each moment was. Those tiny little fingers and toes that seem impossible to image getting any bigger, and those sweet little expressions that only a baby can make, all need to be saved for a lifetime in […]

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best baby food

What Baby Food is the Best?

Today there are so many choices when it comes to baby food. Should you make your own? Should you buy organic? The list goes on. With so much to consider, it is hard to figure out what baby food is the best. Personally I went for convenience. After breast feeding my baby for so long, […]

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Are All Baby Formulas Created Equal

A baby formula have been a staple for mothers for years now, and has served as a quick means of nourishment for babies when breast milk is not available. It can be said that it is one of the building blocks to a baby’s development and good health. I am not saying that it is […]

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The Musical Baby

For new moms, the amount of information available on your baby’s growth and development is wonderful. Sometimes, it is even too much information. Some mommies out there have already got their infants in swim classes, Chinese lessons and music classes. What good can a baby truly gain from all these good intentions? Music There is […]

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Soup for Everyone

I remember as a new mom, I was always swapping homemade baby food recipes with other new moms. I found out quickly that my baby loved the different combinations of flavors that soups offered. I was ecstatic as we are definitely a family that loves soup. Cooking soups also offered me the opportunity to get […]

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Magic bean baby store

Magic Bean Baby Store

Her Baby Stuff spent some time visiting another great online baby store today. Magic Beans online baby store has a variety of baby items from newborn through to toddler-hood that every new mom will love checking out. The entire Magic Bean baby store website is like a huge Christmas wish book. If you are looking […]

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Baby Bundles- a new way to shop for a baby gift by IncrediBundles

We found the neatest new baby retailer this week. IncrediBundles creates Baby Bundles as gifts. They ship to over 200 (yes 200!) countries and have FREE shipping in the USA. IncrediBundles’ Baby Bundles are a subscription gift that keeps giving all year. Every three months baby is shipped a new ‘baby bundle” with products for […]

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