Pacifier or dummy

When to Stop Baby Using Mum as a Dummy

In this day and age, we have a gadget for just about everything. In some cases, we forget that the gadget was created as a substitute for something more natural. For example, many moms use pacifiers, or dummy’s, to comfort their newborn when they aren’t feeding. However, now the question, “When to stop baby using […]

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baby walker

Baby Walkers – Perfect for Supporting Your Baby’s First Steps and Beyond

For most babies, the path to walking begins with rolling over, then comes the crawl and later, cruising, which is a walk while being continuously supported by using a couch, crib, chair or other object for support. All this time, your baby is working on coordination, balance and motor skills – it takes a lot […]

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homemade photo book

3 Simple Homemade Toys Your Baby will Love

We’ve all heard the story about parents who bought some amazing toy for their baby, only to have them seem much more interested in the box it came in? It’s true: babies are fascinated by lots of things, including bright colors, interesting shapes, strange textures. For this reason, sometimes you can make a toy that […]

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Top 3 Strollers on the Market

When you’re in the market for a new stroller, you’ll be surprised at how many options are available to you. There are strollers for jogging parents, strollers that convert from seated position to lying flat; there are even strollers that carry car seats so you don’t have to transfer your little one when you get […]

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Most Dangerous Toys for Your Baby

Sometimes even the most innocent looking toy can be dangerous. For example, adorable dolls with bows and buttons that come off easily could potentially present a choking hazard. The material inside of glow bracelets can be toxic if your child manages to sink her teeth into it. So how can you find out which toys […]

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Baby Fashion Trends for 2015

You are never too young to start being a fashionista! Yes, these days there are baby fashion trends that come and go with the year, and even with the season. Here are a few of the baby fashion trends that you can expect for 2015. Hello Kitty Hello Kitty is migrating down to the baby […]

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Easy Ways to Baby Proof Your Home

Having a baby in the house adds so much life and excitement to you and your family members. These adorable tots are a joy to be with, and they do not need to try so hard to make you crack a smile whenever they do their silly antics. However, a baby also requires attention, and […]

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Best Products to Make Moms’ Lives Easier

New moms can go through stress in keeping up with the additional routine on a daily basis. Aside from getting up to make meals for the family, having a baby in the house will require so much of your time and energy. You need to keep your little one comfortable, safe and well-fed, and this […]

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4 Ways to Save Money on Baby Clothes

New parents should consider being practical when it comes to buying items for their baby, particularly clothes. Since baby clothes can add to your numerous expenses, it is only right to be more resourceful in finding the best sources for cheap, but quality clothes for your little one. The following are 4 ways to save […]

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3 Great Ideas for a Boy’s Nursery

Every new parent enjoys the idea of decorating the nursery and setting it up in a way that is safe and attractive at the same time. What’s more, there is the excitement of creating a work of art by putting all the right items together to make the nursery suit the needs of the baby. […]

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Essentials for Baby’s First Six Weeks

Bringing your new baby is home is one of the most exciting times of your life. If you’re a new mom then you will most likely buy more than enough for your new baby. Second time moms have the “newborn baby stage” down perfectly. They know what to do and what not to buy. Enjoy […]

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Best 3 Toys to develop your child’s brain

When your children are born they have trillions of brain cells waiting to be connected and stimulated. That’s where you as the parent come in. You have to show your children the ropes and help them learn as much as they can while they are in the crucial years of life and brain development occur. […]

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