How to Choose the Right Car Seat

Babies come with a lot of gear. From bottles and pacifiers to wipe warmers and swings, you could spend thousands of dollars on baby products. Some of it is necessary while other things are just too cute to pass up. However, if you plan on taking your baby home from the hospital at some point, […]

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Three Products that can make Life with your Infant Easier

Life with a new baby is incredibly exciting and yet incredibly exhausting at the same time. If you are a first time parent, you will most likely experience levels of sleep deprivation that make your college all-nighters seem like a walk in the park on a warm summer day. But it is all worth it […]

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3 Ways to Save Money on Your New Nursery

A very enjoyable activity for expectant parents (especially moms) is setting up the nursery.  However, people tend to go a little overboard and rack up a lot of expenses while creating the perfect nursery.  Setting up a “full-service” nursery with items like mobiles, cribs, changing tables, and decorations can easily run at least $1,500.  This […]

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Are Convertible Cribs Worth the Expense

Convertible cribs, also called 4 in 1 cribs, are designed to stay with your child for a long time.  They serve as a safe resting place for babies before transforming to a toddler bed, to a daybed, then to a full-sized bed.  They are often made of solid material (such as wood) for maximum longevity […]

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safe medicine

Medicines That Are Safe for Infants

No one likes being sick, especially infants and young children who cannot tell how they feel when they are sick.  When your little one gets sick, not only do you have to figure out what is wrong, you have to determine which medicines are safe to give them and which ones are not.  This can […]

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The Best Learning Toys for Your Child

When it comes to educational toys there is a huge variety on the market but some have been around longer than others and have made a lasting impression.  They have also sold tremendous quantities and established enviable reputations.  As technology has become a greater influence in our lives this includes influence in young lives.  Here […]

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Buying Baby Toys Online Safely

The Consumer Product Safety Commission often recalls toys for babies and kids due to their containing lead, asbestos, and other toxic materials.  Yet even toys that are considered safe by US consumer agencies can contain PVC phthalates, BPA, or other unsafe chemicals that have been banned in other countries but can still be found in […]

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Cloth vs Disposable Diapers

If there is a raging diaper debate it is cloth versus disposable diapers.  There are certainly pros and cons to each option in addition to what is the best choice per individual.  Here is a more in-depth look at the details of each diaper and why some people make one choice over another. Cloth Diapers […]

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Choosing the Best Diaper Bag

A diaper bag is a big investment as it is a critical part of being out and about with your baby.  There are also a lot of questions and concerns to address when looking for the best option for yourself.  Have a look at these tips for choosing the right diaper bag and some of […]

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5 Items to Always Keep in Your Diaper Bag

A diaper bag isn’t just for diapers, it is an all-in-one essential that serves as multiple accessories in one.  Since some women use a diaper bag as a purse too, it needs to be capable of holding several different essentials.  Here are some recommendations on what you should always keep in a diaper bag. Diapers […]

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Autumn Clothing

Autumn Clothing Must Haves

With autumn here, it’s time to find the best clothing to protect yourself from the chill. However, you don’t want to just grab an old sweater and walk out of the house like that! You want to show off your style, no matter the weather. If you’re ready to get your fall fashion on, then […]

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Prevent your baby from catching a cold

Prevent Your Baby from Catching Your Cold

There is no doubt that kids are cold magnets.  On an average kids under the age of 3 catch six to eight colds a year.  It is suspected that as children are exposed to viruses their immune systems aren’t able to fight them off quickly as when they encounter them again.  This is actually good […]

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