8 Effective Ways to Stop Your Baby from Biting Your Nipples

At some point, your baby will probably try to bite your nipples while nursing. This is especially likely when your baby is teething. However, that isn’t necessarily a sign that you should start weaning your baby off of breast milk. Instead, use these eight effective ways to stop your baby from biting your nipples. If […]

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4 Ways to Make Any Baby Shower More Fun!

Baby showers are exciting activities that soon-to-be moms look forward to. This is also the time for expectant mothers and their loved ones to gather as they anticipate the coming of their little one. To make this even more meaningful and enriching, it may be a great idea to incorporate these 4 activities to make […]

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3 Biggest Baby Feeding Myths

You may have heard or read a myth about feeding your baby that has made you sit there and question it. This happens a lot and a lot of people surrounding you may think they know what’s best for your baby. You and your baby are the only ones who know what’s best so remember […]

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Great Baby Shower Ideas on a Budget

Once you or a close friend or family member finds out about a pregnancy you can’t help but start to plan a baby shower. It’s almost a right of passage in pregnancy. Baby showers are exciting and help the expected mom gather as much items she may need before she welcomes her new baby into […]

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declining baby shower

Can You Say “No” To Your Own Baby Shower?

There are many reasons to have a baby shower when you are about to have your first baby. However, sometimes the pressure is too much, the time constraints are too great, or maybe you just aren’t feeling it. But, can you say, “No,” to your own baby shower? Read on to discover some reasons to […]

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hospital bag items

Top 10 Hospital Bag Items for Pregnant Moms

Once you are pregnant, inevitably you will wind up having that glorious baby. Many pregnant moms choose to go to a hospital to deliver their bundle of joy. Discover our top 10 hospital bag items for pregnant moms in order to be as blissfully prepared for labor, delivery, and your hospital stay, as you can […]

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Eat sushi while pregnant

Is It Safe To Eat Sushi While You Are Pregnant?

With all of the cravings that come with pregnancy, knowing what is safe to eat and what is not is crucial to your health and the health of your growing baby. Sushi is a common favorite among pregnant women, probably due to the unique flavors and tastes that come with sushi and sushi only. The […]

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week 29 silhouette

Week 29: How to Prepare for Child Birth

Talk to Mom’s About Birth and Baby Care By Week 29, you really only have roughly 8 weeks left, so you want to make sure you are fully prepared for the baby, right? One of the best things you can do is talk to veteran mom’s about their births. While every baby and birth is […]

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Products to Calm a New Parent’s Nerves

3 Products to Calm a New Parent’s Nerves

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise: being a new parent can be nerve-wracking. You’re getting used to having the baby, the disruption of sleep, the changes in routing – it’s a lot to adjust to right away. You may also be surprised by the amount of anxiety or nervousness you’re feeling. Everyone jokes about those […]

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Things Only a Mom Understands

Five Things Only a Mom Understands

We’ve all read those tender articles from new moms about the extraordinary, life-changing experience motherhood is, right? Those of us who have been there know the truth – for every deeply profound insight learned as a Mom, there are some undeniable and downright funny things we come to terms with as well. Whether you’re Mom […]

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Pregnancy Diet Dos and Dont’s

Do 1- Eat a balanced meal of whole foods The more colorful your plate, the better. What do we mean by whole foods? Food at it’s most basic level- vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and minimally processed meats. If you want to forgo meat altogether, it might not be a bad thing- many studies are pointing […]

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How Much Food is Too Much for Your Baby

Most pediatricians will tell you to feed your baby as much as they will eat. That’s not necessarily true. Food before one is just for fun and/or practice anyways. Before your baby is one years old the most of his/her nutrition needs to come from breastmilk or formula. Your baby needs all the good calories […]

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