Breastfeeding vs. Formula Feeding

The decision to breastfeed or formula feed a child is one of the biggest decisions new parents will make. Often times, it is also one of the most stressful decisions new parents will make. Everyone from family and friends to strangers in the grocery store seems to have an opinion on the subject and are […]

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Making Sure Your Infant Gets their Nutrients

Just like it can be difficult to find medicines for very young children, it can also be difficult to make sure their get all of their vitamins and nutrients.  During their first year babies triple their birth weight and increase in length by 50%.  With their tiny stomachs babies can only eat a small amount […]

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when to start your baby on water

When to Start Baby on Water

Water is one of the key components to life. Human beings need to consume water daily. Yet, babies don’t drink water right away. How do we know when to start baby on water? Discover the answer to that question and why we don’t want to give water to babies immediately in this article. Don’t Give […]

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When to introduce Eggs and Nuts

In the beginning, babies “eat” only formula and/or breastmilk. At approximately four months, usually rice cereal is started. This is the blandest least irritating food. Some parents will introduce rice cereal in the bottle earlier to reduce nighttime feedings with mixed results. Eggs and nuts are among the foods with the most chance to cause […]

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Why Every Mom Needs a Baby Bottle Warmer

When you’re registering for baby gifts or thinking about items you’ll need before baby arrives, don’t forget a baby bottle warmer. Unlike a wipe warmer, which for many seems like a luxury (although many moms swear by them), a baby bottle warmer is essential to delivering a warm, comforting meal for your infant. Unless you […]

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8 Effective Ways to Stop Your Baby from Biting Your Nipples

At some point, your baby will probably try to bite your nipples while nursing. This is especially likely when your baby is teething. However, that isn’t necessarily a sign that you should start weaning your baby off of breast milk. Instead, use these eight effective ways to stop your baby from biting your nipples. If […]

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3 Biggest Baby Feeding Myths

You may have heard or read a myth about feeding your baby that has made you sit there and question it. This happens a lot and a lot of people surrounding you may think they know what’s best for your baby. You and your baby are the only ones who know what’s best so remember […]

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How Much Food is Too Much for Your Baby

Most pediatricians will tell you to feed your baby as much as they will eat. That’s not necessarily true. Food before one is just for fun and/or practice anyways. Before your baby is one years old the most of his/her nutrition needs to come from breastmilk or formula. Your baby needs all the good calories […]

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Forbidden Baby Foods

While you’ll be eager to introduce new foods to your baby, not all of them are safe. Some foods can cause choking and others can cause digestive problems. Here’s a list of the key foods to avoid when your baby is less than 1 year old. Honey: Honey can cause botulism, a type of illness […]

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How to Make Baby Food: Cauliflower Puree

Making your own baby food is an excellent way to really know what your baby is eating. Homemade food is free of preservatives and just as organic as you want it to be. Plus, making veggie purees is easy! About Cauliflower Cauliflower is a very nutritious vegetable. It is full of fiber and vitamin C. […]

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Ten Finger Food Ideas for Babies

Is Cheerios every baby’s first finger food?  Well, if it isn’t, I’m thinking it has to be at least in the top five.  Your baby is starting to assert her independence.  From snatching up Cheerios off the highchair tray with pudgy fingers to asking to borrow the car on Saturday night, they grow up fast. […]

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Top 5 Foods for Your Baby

Many parents want to make sure their babies are getting the most vitamins and nutrients possible during their first years. To ensure their children are getting the most nutrition from their diet, parents usually tend to find 5 to 10 super foods and end up only feeding their baby these foods. While this desire is […]

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