Why You Should Consider Breastfeeding

There is a lot of debate when it comes to breastfeeding. Mothers wonder if they should breastfeed or not. Is it healthier for the baby to breastfeed or simply use the bottle. Today, we’re going to tell you why you should at least consider breastfeeding your baby. You’ll be surprised by what we come up with.

It Burns Calories

Believe it or not, breastfeeding alone burns 300-600 calories a day. Did you gain some weight during the pregnancy? Well, this means you’ll be able to drop the pounds a lot easier. After your pregnancy it’s also recommended you don’t work out to much. When you work out your body starts producing acid, and this can make the baby fussy when you breastfeed them. Besides, you get a good workout just by sitting on the couch feeding your beautiful baby. It’s incredibly easy, and both you and the baby will be very happy about it.

A Connection

Breastfeeding your baby is not only about making sure your baby has eaten. It also helps to establish a connection between you and your baby. You know that flutter in your chest whenever you pick up your little bundle of joy? That’s the connection between mother and child. When you allow you baby to breastfeed you’re helping to make that connection even stronger. Many people don’t believe in it, but it helps to nourish the bond you two have. While feeding your baby from a bottle is by no means a bad thing, starting out with breastfeeding their first couple months of life is essential to building that bond up as much as you can.



Prevents the Baby from Getting Sick

Breast milk has the added benefit of helping to prevent your baby from getting sick. There are important elements in breast milk that your baby needs. These can’t always be found in powdered baby milk. Breast milk also makes sure your baby gets all the vitamins and nutrients that they need as they rapidly start to grow in their first year of life. Every now and again your baby may become sick, but they will have less of a chance of getting a cold when it comes to breastfeeding. Even if you’re using a breast pump, it will go towards a long way of ensuring your baby is as healthy as possible.

While the debate rages on about breastfeeding, there’s no doubt there’s many benefits for both mother and child. It can’t be denied that breastfeeding your baby is essentially in better interest when it comes to the baby’s health. Even if you feel you would rather feed your baby the bottle, think of investing in a breast pump. This way you’re baby will still get all the good, great stuff it needs. There is something special when it comes to breastfeeding though. It’s a bond between mother and child. It’s the transfer of life into a newer, smaller little life. So, give it some thought if you’re considering breastfeeding.



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