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Why Every Mom Needs a Baby Bottle Warmer

When you’re registering for baby gifts or thinking about items you’ll need before baby arrives, don’t forget a baby bottle warmer. Unlike a wipe warmer, which for many seems like a luxury (although many moms swear by them), a baby bottle warmer is essential to delivering a warm, comforting meal for your infant. Unless you are exclusively breast-feeding (and not even expressing milk for bottles), here’s why every mom needs a baby bottle warmer.

Keep Milk or Formula Warm Until Baby is Ready

Have you ever prepared a bottle for what you thought was a hungry baby, only to have them either refuse it or fall asleep after only an ounce? A baby bottle warmer is a great option for keeping the bottle warm or reheating it when baby is hungry. While breast milk can remain at room temperature longer, most people agree that chilling the milk until feeding time is best. For formula, the recommendation is that it be consumed within an hour of mixing. Premixed cans of formula are more stable. Either way, baby needs a warm bottle for both comfort and nourishment.

Heating on the Go

Many bottle warmers come with adapters that allow you to heat on the go, using a car power port or a regular outlet in a hotel room. This makes it an essential item for families who are very active, travel frequently, or maintain busy schedules. Taking the new baby for a long car ride to grandma’s just got a bit easier.

Safe, Even Heating

Heating breast milk or formula in the microwave is not recommended for two key reasons. First, most microwaves do a poor job of heating liquids evenly. This can result in “hot spots” that have the potential to burn the baby – even if the outside of the bottle seems to be the right temperature. Additionally, there is some concern about the effects on the composition of breast milk and its immune-boosting properties. The other option for warming milk is heating it on the stovetop – certainly not something you want to be doing for those 2am feedings!

Baby Bottle Warmer

If You’re Mixing Formula Bottles

The bottle warmer will work well for formula-fed babies, too. However, it is recommended that you use the bottle warmer to heat the water in the bottle and then mix just before feeding. That way, you can make a bottle on demand instead of simply keeping it warm after it’s prepared.

Beyond Milk and Formula

You will find another use for the bottle warmer even after baby is weaned. You can gently warm soups or baby food in a bottle warmer – just make sure the consistency is fairly thin. You’ll be able to extend the use of the bottle warmer and may be surprised at how handy it is for many years to come.

There are tons of bottle warmers on the market, ranging in price from $20 to well over $100 dollars.  Look for a model that’s well made and provides quick heating: the ability to warm a bottle in under 5 minutes is what makes this appliance to beneficial. That’s why every mom needs a baby bottle warmer of their own.



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