Why Breast Feeding is So Important

Breast Feeding is something that many mothers choose to do.  It is a simple, easy way to feed your baby, and takes very little forethought or planning.  The only time it seems to become difficult is when you are out in public and haven’t quite figured out the way you and your little one are comfortable nursing.  That alone is quite the plus – no measuring, no pouring, shaking, or sterilizing. You simply latch and go. But there are other reasons to breastfeed too.



The milk that your baby receives from you contains antibodies that you have produced to germs you have both been exposed to – giving your baby a passive immunity to the diseases around them.  They will be able to have a stronger, more efficient immune response than their formula fed counterparts due to the fact that they are receiving antibodies from you.  They have their own little antibody incubator, without their having to do any of the work.  Even if you don’t make milk fat, breastfeeding for a portion of the time will allow your little one to experience this benefit.


Oxytocin for mom and baby

While you get some of these through any bonding ritual, breast feeding releases a kind of high for both mom and baby.  Oxytocin floods through both mom and baby’s system, creating a happy, calm and joyful feeling that encourages bonding between you and that beautiful baby. This can help ward off illness, postpartum depression, and also help mom’s uterus to contract back to its normal size – meaning less of a post-pregnancy pooch!


Why Breast Feeding is So Important


Protects against Cancer

Believe it or not, breastfeeding can actually reduce your risk of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and weak bones later in life.  Breasts fully mature once you have breastfed, meaning that cells hit a regulatory phase that helps to maintain cell growth and avoid abnormalities.  The only caveat to this is that for ten years after your first child, your risk of breast cancer is slightly elevated.  After those ten years, however, your risk plummets to an impressive low.


Saves your budget

Lastly, breastfeeding will save you a good chunk of change every month.  Formula can run anywhere from 50 – 100.00 per month.  That’s approx. 1200.00/year on the high end!  Imagine the vacation you could take, or the fun activities with you little one that could be spent on!


Now, there are some mothers that cannot breastfeed, whether it be because of medical issues or inability to produce proper milkfat or milk supply.  Formula is a perfectly acceptable way to get your child’s nutritional needs taken care of.  If you can breastfeed though, even doing it part of the time will provide all of the above benefits. You’ll have the ease of a simple latch and go, some great bonding, portability, and protection against cancer.  And, you’ll save your budget a world of heartache.  So go ahead and take a class, give it a try – it is well worth the adventure!


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