Pacifier or dummy

When to Stop Baby Using Mum as a Dummy

In this day and age, we have a gadget for just about everything. In some cases, we forget that the gadget was created as a substitute for something more natural. For example, many moms use pacifiers, or dummy’s, to comfort their newborn when they aren’t feeding. However, now the question, “When to stop baby using mum as a dummy” is popping up all over the internet. In this article we will discuss why that happens, when you should let it happen, and how to know when to quit.

When Baby Never Wants to Leave the Breast

Many parents can agree, newborns generally cry because they are hungry, need a diaper change, or are tired. However, when your little one is fussing and you think it is because they are hungry, consider a few things first.

Does your baby just need a cuddle? Sometimes the closeness they desire is something they only get when nursing, so they make that association. However, you might be able to comfort your baby just by using a sling, front carrier, or other contraption that promotes closeness.

Try a Pacifier or dummy. Sometimes, babies who breastfeed reject an artificial nipple because it has a strange mouth feel. If they have a desire to suck, but won’t take the dummy, and using your breast is not something you want to do, consider trying a few different Binky shapes. There are so many out there and your baby might prefer a specific shape. I’ve also heard that sometimes babies will accept pacifiers easier from one person than another. If you can’t get them to suck on a dummy, maybe your spouse can.

Are they bored or could one of their limbs be falling asleep? Sometimes babies need to simply get a change of scenery. Babies don’t just sleep. Try reading them a book or going on a walk.

Remember, this time in their lives will pass quickly. Try to enjoy it as much as you can.

Pacifier or dummy

Things To Do To Help Your Little One

Nursing time and cuddle time should be pleasant for the both of you. Remember to that cuddling and snuggling is encouraged. You can also occupy your little sucker with a pacifier or even your thumb. Fun activities help to keep your baby on a schedule much like working out helps adults sleep better. Activities will tire them out and keep them from getting too bored and fussy. Of course, a diaper or clothing change may solve the problem if they are being particularly fussy. If things get to be too much for you, do not feel guilty about handing your little one off to your partner or a grandparent for a few moments.

Things to Avoid Doing

Here are some things you should avoid doing during nursing or pacifier time. First and foremost, do not ignore a crying newborn. Second, don’t blame yourself. Parenting is hard and you’re new at this with this baby.. Also, never quit nursing if you’ll regret it. Binky time coexists with nursing or bottle time. If your child is still nursing or on the bottle, it is fine to let them suck.



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