Three Essential Baby Shower Gifts

Even though expectant moms might have a huge registry don’t let this overwhelm you as there are some essentials that are needed more than others, and in greater quantities.  Take a look at this guide for baby shower essentials to make sure you bring a great gift that will go a very long way.

Buying in Stages

Two items that are guaranteed to be on a baby registry are diapers and clothes, with an emphasis on diapers.  As tempted as you might be to buy a huge supply of newborn-size diapers remember that babies do in fact grow.  So buy different increments of diapers such as newborn, three months, and six months.  The same principle goes for clothes.  No matter how tempted you are to buy tons of teeny newborn clothes, remember how fast a bay will grow out of them.  

Follow the same rule if you are buying clothing and keep seasons and holidays in mind.  If the baby will be four months old when fall comes along, buy a cute coat.  Of if the six month mark will be around Christmastime see if you can find a festive outfit in advance.  If you decide to go the diaper route, include coordinating items like wipes and diaper rash cream.

Three Essential Baby Shower Gifts

Baby Swing/Bouncy Seat

New parents will need to eventually put their baby down to do a variety of things and a great option to keep the baby safe and entertained is in a bay swing or bouncy seat.  The motions will feel natural to the baby and these contraptions are like having a second set of arms.  You will still need to do chores and you will still need to take care of yourself and/or your pets or other kids.  A swing or bouncy seat will keep a baby occupied and parents can easily keep an eye out.  A great feature about these items are the options available from very basic to battery powered that provide a gentle and soothing motion.  Aside from diapers, a swing or bouncy seat could very well make you the hero of a baby shower.


Another baby shower essential are blankets for every purpose imaginable.  Receiving blankets, bath blankets, bed blankets, receiving blankets, and blankets for the endless spitting up.  In that case you don’t know if you need a blanket for yourself, your baby, or both parties.  Another essential you will need a blanket for is swaddling, or a separate purchase of an adjustable infant wrap with Velcro straps.

Shopping Tips

A lot of popular places for baby registries can be a little expensive, so don’t hesitate to print out the registry and look for the specific items online where you can potentially save a considerable amount of money.  You can also purchase more gifts this way as your money goes a lot further.  Perhaps the most important thing you can do before purchasing a gift is ask the expectant parents if there are some things they truly need more than others and taking it from there.

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