The Nursery: A Baby Oasis

Once you have your baby home, you need a nursery that will allow him or her to be the most comfortable. Here are some tips on how to create a nursery that is a baby oasis:

The Colors

While you may not realize it, colors affect us on a daily basis. Marketing executives have poured millions of dollars into research involving color and the affects on humans. Consider, for example, the use of red and yellow at fast food restaurants. Research has proven that the use of red and yellow can make us feel hungry, thus why many fast food chains utilize these colors throughout their restaurants. Now, we can utilize this research to help you create your baby’s oasis.

Avoid Bold Colors: Bold colors, while they may seem fashionable and upbeat, are most likely going to agitate your baby. For example, red is known as the “hottest color.” It attracts attention but may invoke volatile personality traits. A bright yellow seems cheerful, but it seems to disturb most babies. You can consider using bright and bold colors as accent colors but you want to make sure that you don’t over use them. I recommend using pastel shades of any color and earth tones are always a safe bet.

The Nursery A Baby Oasis

Invest in a Sound Machin

 A recent study in the journal of Pediatrics suggests that some noise machines are too loud and can potentially damage your infant’s hearing and possibly auditory development. Don’t let this study steer you away from sound machines. The study only considered how high the volume of these sound machines can potentially go and used that information to determine the potential side-effects on infants. Your baby should only be subject to 50 decibels of sound for an 8 hour duration. And, the issue is not with the amount of time they are used, but the volume they are used at. Use a sound machine so that your baby is not disturbed by outside noises during the night or nap-time. When using the sound machine, do not put it in the baby’s crib. Doctors suggest having the machine at least a foot away from the baby’s head. I recommend putting it next to the door with 80% volume with white noise or the rainfall setting. Talk to your doctor to determine the best volume and sound for your baby.

Comfort is Key

 One of the best things to have in your baby’s nursery is a rocking chair. Some parents are beginning to question the need for a rocking chair, because it is an extra purchase and they have no use for the chair after the baby gets older. I believe the rocking chair is a must! This will contribute to your baby’s comfort—who wouldn’t want to be rocked to sleep? And the more cushions, the better. The only thing that you need to be cautious of is selecting a chair that is too comfortable. When you wake up in the middle of the night to feed your baby, you will most likely be feeding him/her in that chair. You will already be tired so you want to prevent falling asleep in the chair while feeding!


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