The Best Learning Toys for Your Child

When it comes to educational toys there is a huge variety on the market but some have been around longer than others and have made a lasting impression.  They have also sold tremendous quantities and established enviable reputations.  As technology has become a greater influence in our lives this includes influence in young lives.  Here is a look at some popular educational tech toys that are sure to please both you and your little one.

The Best Learning Toys for Your Child


If you are looking for great educational toys look no further than  The educational electronic toy manufacturer offers toys for babies ranging from newborns to 12 months, toddlers 12 to 36 months, preschoolers age 3-4 years, and kindergarteners age 5-6.  LeapFrog later branched out to include products for children up to ten years old which is about the fourth-grade range.

LeapFrog is based in Emeryville, CA and was founded in 1994.  From their inception they have designed and developed technology-based learning products and companion content for the education of children.  In the late 1980’a one of the cofounders of LeapFrog, Michael Wood, had trouble teaching his son how to read.  By 1994 Wood had developed the prototype for LeapFrog’s first product, the Phonics Desk.  


LeapFrog has produced several exceptional learning products over the years which solidified they reputation as a top-notch manufacturer of quality learning toys.  To make things even more appealing, LeapFrog’s tech products are relatively affordable to make sure they can reach as many children as possible.  The LeapFrog Epic is an Android-based tablet aimed at children 3-9 years old that runs on a quad-core processor with a 7” touch screen and 16 GB of memory.  The LeapBand is a wearable activity tracker for children age 4-7 and gives kids commands to perform fun physical exercises.  Kids accrue points as they complete tasks which unlocks new content.  The LeapReader is a specialty stylus that reads audiobooks aloud and teaches basic writing skills.  The LeapPad Explorer and multiple products under this family are personalized learning tablets designed for children 4-9 years old and they set up the tablet as they enter their grade levels.  As they do this the LeapPad automatically adjusts its games and applications to the appropriate grade level.  The Explorer game cartridges and apps are cross-compatible with the Leapster Explorer and its cartridges.


The Leapster Explorer is a portable learning system for kids age 4-9 with a generous library of educational cartridges and downloadable learning apps.  The educational materials on this platform include e-books, videos, games, and flashcards.  The Leapster Explorer teaches the alphabet, phonics, basic math, art, and animal facts on a touchscreen equipped with a stylus for a more interactive learning experience.  Like other LeapFrog products, the Leapster logs user activity and sends the data to LeapFrog’s Learning Path system which tracks educational milestones.  The Leapster has sold about 4 million units and 12 million cartridges worldwide and is used as a tool for teaching English as a second language in several different countries.

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