Teething Remedies That Work

Teething Remedies

When it is time for teeth to grow in, a baby will definitely let you know. The crying and discomfort will surly get your attention quick and finding teething remedies that work will be your main priority of the day. Your finger may become very popular to your baby and she will gnaw on it for hours if you let her, but that may become very annoying for you so choosing another alternative may be the wise choice. I’m pretty sure that the granny in your life can give you tons of advise on this subject, but if you don’t have one handy here are a few teething remedies that will help you through this turbulent time.

Gripe Water

This is something that I always kept around for teething and stomach problems. It is natural and considered a naturopathic option to other medications that you may want to avoid. It is easy to find in most drug stores like CVS and Walgreens and may also be found in Wal-mart.

Cold things

Anything cold will help to sooth the pain and there are many variations that you can try. Wet a small area of a towel and freeze it. Allow the baby to chew on it for a while. Freeze one of her chew toys and that will help too. Some people have suggested wrapping a towel around a piece of ice and rubbing it on the gums. Just be vigilant and don’t let the baby get choked on the ice or the towel. You can also try freezing a banana and allow the baby to chew on it, but be careful that she doesn’t get choked.

Teething Ring

There are so many variations of teething rings today. Find one that has little bumps on it and that will help to sooth the baby’s gums efficiently. During this time in your baby’s life, almost anything will be picked up by your baby and chewed on, so keep an eye on what she puts in her mouth.

Other medications

If you feel that you want to try something like a stronger pain reliever or gel, give Orajel a try. It is used for tooth aches but they also make one especially for teething babies.

Some mothers will swear by vanilla extract. My grandmother gave me some for a tooth ache when I was a child, but I don’t know what it will do for a teething baby. The idea is to rub it on the baby’s gums and it will alleviate the pain.

For other options when dealing with teething go to www.parenttime.com/babyarticles/teethingpainrelief.html . Keep in mind that your baby is going through a natural process that will soon be over. Stay calm and do what you feel is right for you and your baby. The next milestone of keeping her from biting you is about to begin.

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