Teething Pain in Babies: 4 Natural Ways to Treat Teething Pain

When your baby is teething, you want to help in any way you can to soothe the pain. There are plenty of remedies on the market, like Orgel or giving you baby pain relievers, however there are also plenty of natural remedies that you should try before turning to chemicals and medications. Here are four natural ways to treat teething pain in babies.

Freeze It

When anything is swollen and tender, one of the best ways to reduce pain is by putting ice on it. One way to ice your baby’s mouth and help with teething pains is by freezing the things that they put in their mouths. Put wet wash cloths in the freezer and let your baby chew on them until damp and warm. Also, most of the teethers you can find in stores can also be frozen. A last idea is to put food that he/she can chew on in the freezer. For example, slice apples (boat style) and put them in the freezer and give to your baby to suck and chew on. You could also use carrots or celery or any other solid food that wont break easily when frozen.

A Sleeping Cocktail

Mamanatural.com recommends a homeopathic cocktail that will help your baby sleep and ease the pain caused by teething. Here are the ingredients of the coctail: two daily doses of Boiron Camilia, one daily dose of Natra-Bio Children’s teething, and three pellets of Humphreys at night. Instead of using a medication or numbing cream, try this natural remedy instead.

Natural ways to treat teething pain

Facial Massage

If your baby’s face is very tender and sore, your baby may not appreciate the facial massage. However, it’s worth a try. Using a circular motion, rub all around your baby’s face. Gently rub your baby’s sinus cavities, jaw-bone, and gums. Also, if your baby does not enjoy the massage the first time, doesn’t mean that he/she won’t enjoy it the second or third time. Make sure that you keep trying, because sometimes it is exactly what your baby needs to soothe the pain. Keep an eye on you baby’s feeding and sleeping habits, as he/she may start rubbing his/her face on the mattress or against your body or other objects.

Amber Necklace

While it may seem a little strange, many people note the affects of these necklaces. These necklaces have been known to work through magnetism and can help reduce mild pain. These necklaces allow the body to heal itself by releasing soothing energy and absorbs negative. The Baltic amber contains succinic acid, which has been used historically to treat pain. However, you also want to be careful with these necklaces as they can be a choking and strangling hazard. You do not want to leave your baby out of sight wearing one of these necklaces.




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