Nursery Must Haves


Setting up a nursery is overwhelming.  There are so many lists out that it may seem like you can never get everything into one room!  They say you need all sorts of different things, like a diaper organizer, a diaper genie, a bookcase for books, curtains – but what exactly is truly necessary?  If you’re on a budget, you want to start with the must haves and add on form there – but what do you actually need? Here’s a few items to get you started.


A crib

Don’t bother with a bassinet in the nursery – chances are a bassinet add on into your pack’n’play will be the preferred sleeping arrangement the first 4-6 weeks. Instead, get a crib (preferably a 3-in-1 or 4-in-1 style) for a longer lifespan.  If you get the convertibles and take care of it, it will last your child until they go to college.


A Dresser

You need somewhere to put the clothes.  If you’re on a particularly tight budget, you can also use this as a multipurpose, which leads into our next necessity……


A changing pad/Table

You can place a changing pad onto a dresser and use that – but beware once they start rolling, and leave a hand on them at all times.  Or, you could get a changing table and have a specific spot just for diaper/clothes changes.  I prefer the changing table because I can store my diapers and wipes on the shelves, which save me closet space and consolidates everything to one convenient place


Nursery Must Haves


A trash bin/pail

Whether you choose to cloth diaper or use Disposables, a trash bin or large pail will work for either one.  If you get a trash bin with a lid (revolving or not, either works), these keep odors in fairly well too, so don’t waste your money on a diaper genie – just grab a plastic or metal trash can.


A rocking chair

This one isn’t an absolute necessity, but it sure does come in handy during those late night feedings.  It provides support for you, and gives a gentle rocking motion to help lull your baby back to sleep after their tummies are nice and full again. Just be careful to not fall asleep yourself.


Some bins for your closets

These have so many uses – you can put toys, or clothes, or directions/replacement parts into these bins. A favorite is to put clothes that are still too big into them, and label with age approximations.  This way, when you are ready to go up a size, you are not searching through a massive pile trying to pluck out the 5 – 10 pieces of clothing you may have in the new size (until you buy more, since we all know a cute outfit is hard to resist!)


You don’t need a baby monitor, or a diaper organizer, or a mobile – you need a safe place for baby to sleep, to be changed, to eat, and some storage for clothes.  Your baby will be perfectly content with safety and love.


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