Is It Ok to Have a Second Baby Shower?

Baby showers are known around the world to some extent: showering an expectant or brand new mother with gifts for her first born child. Traditionally, baby showers are attended by women only (some cultures have male-only versions), and hosted by the grandmother-to-be or a close female relative or friend of the expectant mother. With tradition and history out of the way, let’s focus on the question at hand: is it ok for you to have a second baby shower? Absolutely!

What Does a Second Baby Shower Mean?

Maybe your family and friends live nearby while your spouse’s family lives out of town, and everyone wants an opportunity to offer hand made quilts, diaper cakes, and guess the circumference of your belly. Maybe this is your second child and you want the experience to be just as special as the first, or this is your third child but first daughter and want to celebrate the shift to pink tutus. Whatever your reason for wanting a second baby shower, revel in the celebration aspect, not in the gift receiving aspect.

Sticking to Tradition With Loopholes

If you’re a traditionalist and want to stick to the rules of one shower for the first born, but still yearn for a celebration for a second child, don’t worry it’s possible. Throw a gender-reveal party to add excitement for guests, or invite your closest friends and relatives to an afternoon tea or lunch service. Maybe even a low key spa day with a few best friends.

Be sure to explain your intentions to celebrate your next child, without gifts, so everyone arrives in the right mindset and can offer gifts if they feel inclined. Remember that irregardless of number of children, your grandmother may want to give you a quilt for each child, or your pastry chef best friend wants to make the ultimate baby cake for you. The celebration is as much for your loved ones as it is for you.

Is It Ok to Have a Second Baby Shower?

Throw Caution to the Wind, Do What You Want!

You’re having a second baby shower, congratulations! As mentioned above, revel in the celebration aspect, not the gifts. To help your guests understand the lowered priority for gifts have one gift registry (for the multiple showers, one pregnancy option), or put a note on the invite saying no gifts necessary.

If you’re the lucky hostess for a second baby shower, consider asking the guests to bring mommy-centric gifts like spa certificates or offer baby-sitter vouchers since your pregnant friend will likely appreciate some time off from her growing brood. Maybe even have everyone chip in for a couple’s weekend trip for a future date. The bottom line is a second baby shower differs from the first in less expectation for gifts- the mother can only have so many onesies, blankets, and grow-with-me toy contraptions.

You can also go completely against tradition and have a party for all loved ones, regardless of gender. You might want to forgo the traditional baby shower games for new activities like what songs should be on baby’s first playlist, have guests bet on the day of actual birth, or provide a chalkboard for guests to suggest baby names if you haven’t picked one already. Keep it fun and entertaining, after all in a few months you’ll be sleep deprived and changing diapers will mark the hours of your days, so enjoy yourself while you can.




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