How To Get Started Pumping With Your Breast Friend

It may seem intimidating first, but pumping breast milk isn’t complex at all once you get the knack of it. Whether you are moving back to work, or just heading out for the evening, most new moms eventually need a break from breastfeeding. In order to get the hang of it, it is a great idea to practice pumping for a couple of weeks before you have to actually rely on it for your baby. So how to get started pumping?

Shop Around

To begin with, you first need to select a model that will stimulate your breasts and allow you to get this job done faster. Also check to see if your insurance plan will cover the expense of renting or buying a pump. In case you will be pumping everyday, you must go in for a double electric model. This will better spur letdown. And if you are using an electric pump, you must use its lowest suction initially, and then increase when things get moving.

Time It Right

Did you know that your body makes most of the milk in the morning? Yes, that is true! So you must try to pump milk after the first feeding, when you are likely to have some of it left over. Pumping may take a few minutes, so you have to be very patient. In addition to this, anytime your tot does not completely empty both your breasts, you can pump the breast that still has some milk.

Breastfeeding Pump

Get Pumping

Find a quite, comfortable spot and relax as much as possible to spur letdown. Also, a prompt breast massage, or gently shaking them can launch your letdown. Next, attach the shields to the bottles, and then fit those breast shields to your breasts. Turn on your pump and eventually turn up the power of the vacuum, so that the breasts are stimulated enough to release milk, without causing you much pain.

Finish Strong

Pump for a couple of minutes until your milk begins to slow down and the breasts feel empty. Then turn the pump off, and use your finger to press on the breast above the rim, in order to break the suction. Next, roll the rim down first so that the top of the breast shield lifts your breast first. Also, be sure to clean the flanges every time.

Keep It Fresh

You can keep the breast milk fresh for about six months in the freezer, 5 days in the refrigerator, and 4 hours at room temperature. Also, once you defrost your frozen breast milk, you will have to keep it in your fridge, and use it within 24 hours.
Pumping is a great way of connecting to your little one. It helps to build up a supply of breast milk, so that you can have an emergency backup supply if you have a low productivity time, or if something unexpected happens. It will provide your precious baby with your precious milk that is extremely indispensable for your tot’s development and growth.


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