How Much Food is Too Much for Your Baby

Most pediatricians will tell you to feed your baby as much as they will eat. That’s not necessarily true. Food before one is just for fun and/or practice anyways. Before your baby is one years old the most of his/her nutrition needs to come from breastmilk or formula. Your baby needs all the good calories and vitamins from the milk. Something solids food won’t do for your baby in the early stages of infancy.

How much solid food your baby should be eating depends on a lot of different things. Try to remember that your little baby might have a big appetite or your baby could only have a taste for milk. Different babies have different appetites so try to keep that in mind and not feel as if your baby is behind because they most likely aren’t. Babies beat to their own drums.

If you decide to let your baby start tasting foods at four months they will most likely eat more once they get older compared to if you started your baby on solids at six months of age. If your baby is teething they will almost always eat less because of the discomfort in their mouths, and if your baby is a busy body they will most likely eat less because they are too busy exploring the world around them.

How Will I Know If My Baby Is Eating Enough?

Babies are designed to eat just as much as they need. Try your hardest to refrain from giving them that “one last bite”. You never want to over stuff your baby and they get a stomach ache. This always will defer the babies self-eating schedule and the babies’ ability to self-regulate. I know it’s hard because all parents want the best for their children and want to make sure they always have a full tummy. Attempt to keep this in mind when they are small babies and have such small tummies.

Here are a few signs to watch for if you feel that you’re over feeding or under feeding your baby. A lot of parents have this fear with their young babies, but if you know the signs early on you can correct it quickly.

How Much Food is Too Much for Your Baby

When your baby may want to eat more:

Leans in for the spoon/fork

Baby opens his/her mouth again

Grabbing and attempting to put more food in his/her mouth

When your baby may be done eating:

Closes mouth and/or turns head when food comes near them

Spits out food that’s in his/her mouth

One way to track if your baby is eating a well-balanced diet is to keep track of their diapers during the day. A healthy baby will have a regular amount of wet diapers and at least one or two bowel movements each day.

Pay close attention to his/her feeding schedule and cues and there should be nothing to worry about. If you ever do feel concerned of your babies eating habits don’t hesitate to take your baby to their pediatrician for a professional opinion.

A lot of parents ask the same question: “How much food is too much for your baby?” All babies are different and all babies have different tastes and appetites. There will never be an actual set in stone method of how to feed your baby, so next time you ask how much food is too much for your baby just remember to follow their cues.



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