How to Handle Strangers Trying to Touch Your Baby

People are drawn to babies. Obviously your baby is the cutest and even people you don’t know will want to touch them to get in on the cute-baby action. However, sometimes we parents aren’t particularly comfortable with that. Discover how to handle strangers trying to touch your baby in several different and effective ways.

Be Polite yet Firm

If it bothers you that strangers will not think twice about reaching for Junior’s hands, feet, or face, speak up! You should never assume someone else knows how you’re feeling. So, be honest and say something along the lines of, “I’m feeling cautious about germs, so you’re welcome to look, but please don’t touch.” Be sure to smile and keep the venom from your voice so that the stranger knows you are being a protective mother. If the stranger persists, which they shouldn’t, be a little bit more firm, “I’m not comfortable with people touching my child, so please don’t.”

Blame the Baby

A little white lie goes a long way. You can tell strangers that your child doesn’t respond well to strangers. Warn them of an impending meltdown if they do. Most people back off at the thought of this, because no one likes being the cause of why a baby is screaming. If your conscience balks at this try…

Scared Baby

Posting a Sign

Placing a sign on your child’s stroller or car seat should be enough to at least make strangers cautious. A first time mom founded where they create signs that reads, “Please wash your hand before touching mine.” If you are more of an alternative minded parent with a sense of humor, you could also always post the “do not touch due to electricity” sign. It’s at least bound to get a laugh.

Bug Netting

Attach bug netting over your little ones stroller or car seat. This is a multipurpose tactic. You simultaneously keep Junior from getting bug bites and keep stranger’s hands off of their cute little faces. This tactic might work best for parents who especially hate confrontation of any kind.

Suggest Another Action

You can mention that your child doesn’t like to be touched, or you would rather they weren’t, as stated above. However, if you leave it at that you may encounter a one-track mind. Instead, change gears and suggest that your child loves it when people dance, make faces, sing, wave, play peek-a-boo, etc. That way, there is a chance your kid will bestow upon the glorious smile they were hoping for in the first place.

Walk Away

If you see a stranger eyeing your baby and they look like a, “toucher”, you can always change directions or swivel the stroller around. If you’re in a restaurant, put the high chair between you and your dining companion so that the adults can act as a buffer to strangers. Furthermore, if you have already asked a stranger to stop touching your child, and they try to anyway, walking away is the best option.



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