Easy Ways to Baby Proof Your Home

Having a baby in the house adds so much life and excitement to you and your family members. These adorable tots are a joy to be with, and they do not need to try so hard to make you crack a smile whenever they do their silly antics. However, a baby also requires attention, and you need to make sure that every area of your home offers a safe place for your little one. After all, once these babies learn how to crawl and walk, they will explore every nook and cranny of your home – even without you knowing it! So, be sure to apply these easy ways to baby proof your home to prevent any accidents and injuries while ensuring your child a fun time discovering various locations in your home.

Keeping the Crib Safe

While your baby’s nursery should have that attractive look in it, you should avoid hanging anything over the changing table or the crib. You may think a lovely photo is worth displaying, but be sure to choose other spots on the wall that is not directly above these parts of the nursery. If ever you plan to install a mobile tot he rail of the crib, then it must remain out of reach of your baby. These mobiles usually have small parts, and the last thing you want is to have your baby choking on these little toys attached to the string of your mobile. The mattress should also be the right height, which means it should never be too high enough for your baby to fall down the crib once he or she already knows how to pull up or stand.

Baby crib


When you are about to change your baby’s nappies, avoid leaving him or her on the table alone. This area in the nursery may seem pretty low, but infants can fall and hurt themselves really bad once this type of accident happens. In case you need to wash your hands or get your baby’s clothes in another room, it is always best to take your little one with you instead of leaving the child on the table and crawling around. You should also consider installing window guards or screens that can be attached securely to the frame. This stops your baby from getting into a serious fall after climbing onto the ledge of the room.

Safety in the Kitchen

The kitchen poses so much safety risks if it is not baby-proofed properly. To make this place safe for a baby, it is recommended that you stay in the area as you heat or cook food. Be sure that you have smoke alarms installed in the kitchen, and these must work properly to prevent risks. You may also want to invest on good quality covers for the stove knob, which can stop babies from turning the stove burners on and off. The trash can should also be far from your baby’s reach, and there must be a good quality cover to keep it sealed. The best thing you can do is to have the garbage can placed in a locked cabinet, or you may have to place it outdoors instead of just lying around in the kitchen.




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