Choosing the Best Diaper Bag

A diaper bag is a big investment as it is a critical part of being out and about with your baby.  There are also a lot of questions and concerns to address when looking for the best option for yourself.  Have a look at these tips for choosing the right diaper bag and some of the most popular choices on the market.

Selection Tips

While a lot of people shop for diaper bags online, this makes it virtually impossible to try one on for size.  No single bag is comfortable and/or convenient for just one person, so physically trying out a diaper bag is essential.  Once you have found one that is a good fit for you, just write down all of the information and run price comparisons online or search for coupons/discounts at the store.  Keep in mind that the best diaper bags can be items that are designed for other purposes such as tote bags or backpacks do be prepared to widen your search.

Diaper Bag

Now for the basic elements to look for in a diaper bag.  Get one with a waterproof lining as it will be much easier to clean up any spills.  While spills will most likely happen, you can reduce this risk by putting all food and liquid items in resalable plastic bags.  Since you will be toting around a lot of items, multiple compartments will keep these items much more neatly organized and easier to find.  When you are organizing the contents of your diaper bag, pack similar items (like diapers and wipes) together so you can remove multiple items at one time.

Finally, consider buying two diaper bags, particularly a small one for quick trips and a larger one for longer outings.  A lot of parents elect to keep a basic diaper bag and changing supplies in the car at all times which can save you the time of packing a bag before leaving the house.  If you do have a designated “car kit”, just make sure it is always fully-stocked.

Popular Diaper Bags

Top diaper bag choices begin with Storksak’s most popular design called the Bobby Bag.  A key feature is a matching pacifier case for quick retrieval.  It retails for around $195.  The JJ Cole Collections Satchel runs for a modest $70 and has four interior pockets to help out with organization.  Ju-Ju’s be Prepared Bag offers a stain-resistant Teflon fabric, antimicrobial lining, “crumb drains”, and a very roomy interior that makes it a great choice for flights and/or overnight trips.  The bag comes in thirteen different prints and sells for $180.  Pacapod’s Portland Bag is a stylish messenger-style bag that is also very gender neutral making it a great choice for mom or dad.  Its unique features include an expandable panel and a three in one pod system that keeps food items separate from changing items.  At $260 it is definitely a pricier option but offers excellent benefits, especially the ability to be carried by anyone without drawing unwanted attention.



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