Buying Baby Toys Online Safely

The Consumer Product Safety Commission often recalls toys for babies and kids due to their containing lead, asbestos, and other toxic materials.  Yet even toys that are considered safe by US consumer agencies can contain PVC phthalates, BPA, or other unsafe chemicals that have been banned in other countries but can still be found in millions of products in the United States.  It is nearly impossible to eliminate all potentially hazardous toys from a baby’s environment but even the smallest steps can help.  Wooden or cotton toys are often a good alternative and there are a few companies that are dedicated to making fun and safe toys from these materials.  You can buy them in specialty stores, from online retailers such as and, or directly from the manufacturers.

Buying Baby Toys Online Safely

Anbac Toys

Anbac is a division of the German educational toy company Eitech Tooling GmbH.  They have been making educational construction toys and tools for nearly half a century and you can learn more about them at  While the Eitech construction toys are made of stainless steel the Anbac toys are best suited for ages 6 months to five years.  Anbac toys are made of pinewood and an antibacterial coating made of a proprietary synthetic material.  Anbac toys include stacking cups, rattles, and cars which have all been proven to be 100% germ free within 8 hours of use.  They are not only perfect for the home but also common and public areas.  They are naturally non-toxic and meet stringent European Union and German safety requirements.


Owned by mothers Babinca is a baby boutique that specializes in organic baby clothes, accessories, and toys.  Their baby lovey is made of 100% eco-friendly cotton influenced by geometry and what is known is Israel as the flower of life.  You can buy these products at

Crocodile Creek

Crocodile Creek makes playground balls that are made of 100% rubber and do not contain lead, PVC, BPA, or vinyl.  They are make educational floor puzzles comprised of paper ranging from US maps to princess castles.  The puzzle sizes vary but the ones meant for younger children have larger pieces that don’t pose a choking hazard but are still easy for small hands to pick up.  You can find their products at


This division of Re-Think It Inc. has been run by a mam and dad for over 20 years.  Their focus is on making “green” and non-toxic toys that are not only safe for your family but also for the environment.  They carry organic rattles and teethers, organic developmental toys such as stackers, blocks, and balls, organic dolls, plus blankets and plush animals.  Their products are available through several online retailers and at

Needless to say there is a wide variety of safe toys for your baby it’s just a matter of knowing where to look.  A quick Web search should point you in the right direction for safe toys your baby will love and you will love giving to them.

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