Breastfeeding Gadgets to Make Your Life Easier

Breastfeeding is touted as this incredible and natural thing, and it is, but sometimes we moms need or would appreciate some help in this arena. Discover these amazing breastfeeding gadgets to make your life easier and breastfeeding more enjoyable. We would recommend that you consult with a lactation specialist before trying any of these wonderful products, just to be certain they are the right fit for you and your baby.

Silicon Nipple Shield

While nursing shouldn’t be a painful experience, many moms have reported pain—especially at first. To remedy this problem, double check that your baby is sucking the areola, not just the nipple, and that both top and bottom lips are turned out. A silicon nipple shield can also provide some relief while creating a stronger latch and a barrier between you and your baby’s mouth. This Medela 16mm Nipple Shield might be just what the doctor ordered.

Silicon Breast Shells

We all know that breasts come in all shapes and sizes, and that includes the nipple. Some women have flat or inverted nipples which might be hard for their baby to latch onto. While the nipple shields (above) will work in this situation, Medela breast shells create a better fix. You wear them when you aren’t nursing, even while you’re pregnant, to help pull the nipples out. However, it’ll appear that your nipples are very erect when you wear them, so we’d recommend limiting them to home use.

Sore/Cracked Nipple Balm

It is no secret that nipples can get some wear and tear during nursing. While a shield does help, a nipple balm will help speed up healing and prevent future chapping. The Lansinoh Lanolin Topical Treatment is perfect for this use, especially because there are no additives or preservatives so there is no need to wash it off before nursing.


The Boppy

Almost every new mom raves about the Boppy, or a nursing pillow. It helps to bring the baby up to your breast level so that you do not have to hunch and hurt your back. Also, the Boppy helps your arms relax because the weight of the baby is supported on the pillow, not just your arms.

A Baby Scale

This might seem silly to some moms, but to other new mothers having a baby scale in the home helps with your peace of mind to ensure that your baby is eating enough and gaining the right amount of weight. Try the Salter Baby/Toddler scale to ease these worries. Also, they are great for weight cats, should you have one.

Breast Pumps

Breast pumps are perfect for all breastfeeding mothers. Whether you work or stay home, you have a use to pump. Working moms can send their child with their multiple meals. Moms who stay at home can pump for babysitters, or even so that Dad (or other Mom) can feed Junior in the middle of the night, allowing you to sleep.

Boob-like Bottle

Are you afraid your baby will have nipple confusion if you try to switch from bottle to breast and back again? Try the Adiri Natural Nurser for a breast-like bottle babies will love.



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