Best Ways to Reduce a Fever

Reduce a Fever

A fever is an alarming indication that something is wrong with the body. It could be caused by a virus, sunburn or infections. There is a purpose for your body to have a fever and it is to naturally fight off whatever ailment that may be happening inside your body. It is our own built-in healing system. The effects of a fever can be scary especially if it is happening to your child, so taking special care to do the right things are very important. Here are some of the best ways to reduce a fever that are simple and easy to do.

Treat with medication

Once you establish that your child have a fever, you must do what you can to keep them comfortable and alleviate any discomfort.  Acetaminophen or ibuprofen is the two common over the counter temporary fever reducers that can be easily attained. Purchase the appropriate dosage for your child or for an adult.

It is advised that adults take aspirin for a fever reducer. Do not give adult aspirin to children because of the chances of contracting Reye’s syndrome.

Get plenty of Rest

Allow your body to rest in bed and go to sleep. This will give your body time to fight off whatever issue is causing the problems. Dress in thin pajamas and do not cover up in heavy blankets, because it would hinder your temperature from dropping.

Drink up

Fill your system with plenty of fluids to help combat dehydration. This is where the soups, juices, and teas will come into play heavily. Children should also get some extra nutrients from drinking electrolytes. Pedialyte is a good product that will supply your child with what he needs.

Bath time

It is advised to take a lukewarm bath if you have a fever to help bring your temperature down. It can’t be too hot or cold because it could have a negative effect on the system. You could do a sponge bath on your child and keep it short and sweet. Quickly bundle them up after you dry them off and put them to bed.

Call your doctor

If a fever scares you and you want to be absolutely sure of what to do, please call your child’s pediatrician for advice or take them in for treatment. You can never be too careful when it comes to your child. If the fever has persisted for more than one day, call your doctor because it could be an indication of a bigger problem. Take every precaution when dealing with a major high fever so that the outcome will be favorable for all involved. Never forgo the advice of a medical doctor over home remedies that may or may not solve the problem.

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