Best Tips to Dress your Baby without Spending Loads of Money

Raising a family is an expensive task. Savvy moms and dads are always looking for ways to save some money. Likewise families want to dress their babies in fashionable and adorable clothes. You can do both. There are ways to maximize your clothing budget and still have cute, fashionable clothing for your baby. These best tips to dress your baby without spending loads of money are easy and assessable to all.

Consignment Sales

Ask around your community and on social media about local groups who do consignment sales for children’s clothing. Some groups do a sale two or three times a year or you may have a good consignment shop in your area. Consignment sales usually have high quality clothing, toys, and other items for a fraction of the cost of retail. You will learn quickly which sales are the best. Plan ahead and predict what sizes you will need for the next six months or so and stock up. When you find a good shop, build a relationship with the owner and ask for emails or updates when new stock comes in. You can even consign your own used items and recoup some of your money to reinvest in the next sale.

Best Tips to Dress your Baby without Spending Loads of Money


Ebay is a great place to buy baby clothes. Look for lots in the sizes you need. Much of the time you can find a large lot of used baby clothes and buy them outright or if you prefer, engage in the bidding to get a great deal! By purchasing in lots, you may get a few items you don’t need or want, but overall the pricing is such a value that it is worth the time. You can always pass those items on or donate to someone less fortunate than yourself. Ebay also has great values on smaller lots or single pieces. You just need to be willing to look around and be patient when bidding.

Store Incentives

Sign up for each and every store incentive program you can find. Many stores have points programs where you earn coupons and discounts that when used in conjunction with sales, can give you a great value on new baby clothes. You will also get emails and flyers that give you information on the latest sales and valuable coupons so you always know when you can get a great deal. Another great tip is to always go to the back of the store first. Most stores’ clearance racks are at the back of the store. Shop the clearance racks first. Be prepared to buy out of season and size up to get fantastic buys.

With just a little planning and time, you can outfit your little one in high quality, brand name clothing for pennies on the dollar of what you would spend if you paid retail prices. Our best tips to dress your baby without spending loads of money will guide you in getting great deals and quality clothing.


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