Best 3 Toys to develop your child’s brain

When your children are born they have trillions of brain cells waiting to be connected and stimulated. That’s where you as the parent come in. You have to show your children the ropes and help them learn as much as they can while they are in the crucial years of life and brain development occur.

We are going to discuss the important milestones in your child’s development and what toys you can let your children play with to help stimulate their minds.

Best 3 Toys to develop your child’s brain

6-12 months of age

Important Milestone: Object Permanence/Cause and Effect

During this stage your child becoming more and more curious of their surroundings. They’re curious as to what does what and why is does that. They begin to throw everything, make loud sounds and begin talking. This milestone is all about their motor skills and sensory processing. You can help them and encourage them if you engage with them. Exploration is the key to helping them engage in this important milestone.

One of the best toys for this stage is books, music, balls and black. This will allow your child to concentrate and develop fine motor skills.

1 year old: Becoming a toddler

Milestone: Copycatting

Once your child hits the on year mark they are officially a toddler and developing their self-awareness. Around this age they are watching you so closely and will begin to imitate your every word and movement. They will grow and learn all from you. Somethings you will notice is that they will be looking every intently at most of the things they are doing. Your child is trying to focus and understand the importance of their words and yours. They begin to develop social skills and their wonderful imagination at this age. You can encourage them with pretend play, dress up, exploring outside, water toys and simply watching you and playing hands on with you. These are the best toys and activities you can do with your one year old.

2 years old: Independence

Milestone: Independent Thinking

“Terrific Twos” is what this stage should be called. Yes, your two year old will be throwing a lot of fits and tantrums. This is only because your rambunctious toddler is developing and understanding their emotions and words. They are learning to communicate their wants and need with you. They will begin to want to do everything on their own at this point. Examples: putting on their shoes, getting dressed, brushing their teeth and buckling their own seat belt.

The best toys you can let your child play with at this age is books. Even if they don’t want to sit still to read it, keep reading anyways. This is the perfect combination to develop their language skills. Most people can’t understand toddler’s words unless it’s their own child anyways. Toddlers are learning how to use words properly and reading to them and letting them follow along helps a lot. Another toy to let your two year old play with is crayons and coloring books. Two year olds will love to color and learn how to hold a pencil and crayon.

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