Baby Fashion Trends for 2015

You are never too young to start being a fashionista! Yes, these days there are baby fashion trends that come and go with the year, and even with the season. Here are a few of the baby fashion trends that you can expect for 2015.

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty is migrating down to the baby level. Don’t be surprised if you see the Baby Trend Hello Kitty collection displayed prominently in more stores this year and being used by more parents. The Baby Trend collection includes items such as strollers, car seats, play yards and more.

Witty Tee Shirts and Onesies

Tees and tanks with funny sayings are a huge fashion trend this year. You’ll find a variety of sayings in an even wider variety of designs for babies and toddlers, whether male or female. Examples include:

* I’m cute. Mom’s cute. Dad’s lucky.

* Made in Vachina (with a barcode graphic)

* Mini Pooper (you guessed it, the Mini Cooper logo)

* Crawl. Walk. Hockey. (with traffic sign style logos)


Originally, twinning referred to the “mommy and me” concept. But now twinning has taken off to include other combinations such as daddy and daughter or mommy and son. Now you can find matching items such as shirts, pajamas or accessories in the same print but in designs for men, women, boys and girls. So mix ‘n match to your heart’s content!


Traditional styles and colors are, once again, hot. Expect to see a lot of clothes in white, pale pink and soft blues. Rompers, smocked dresses and flannel jumpers are also making a comeback. It’s all sweetly reminiscent of everyone’s innocent days of childhood.

Baby Hats

Not every adult looks adorable in a hat, but every baby does. Plus a hat helps keep your little one warm until the hair grows in. Check out Etsy for a huge variety of adorable hand-made and not-too-expensive baby hats for your little one.

Baby Fashion Trends for 2015

Little Giraffe Blankets

You’ll find receiving blankets, miniature blankets, security blankets, swaddlers and wearable blankets from Little Giraffe. In every case, though, you’ll find that these blankets are so snuggly soft and sweetly colored, you’ll wish there was an adult version.

Baby Gowns

Baby gowns are just like adult nightgowns except they have elastic at the bottom to help keep them from sliding up as your newborn moves around. The gowns are perfect for your child’s first two months since it’s hard to predict just how big your newborn will be. Plus, they make diaper changes a snap.

Robeez Booties

These soft-soled booties are easy to slip on and, once they are on, they actually stay on no matter how much your baby kicks. You’ll find booties with happy animal faces, satiny ballerina styling, geometric designs, boyish denim and much more.

Swaddle Blankets

Designed to make your baby feel as safe and secure as if he or she was still in the womb, swaddle blankets have become every parent’s go-to when trying to soothe a crying baby. As you might expect, you’ll find a huge array of styles, colors, patterns and prices for the swaddle blankets.



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