Babies and Educational Toys

Toys are made for fun, but what if your baby could be learning things at the same time?  There are plenty of educational toys to choose from.  Here are our picks for your little one.

Bright Toys, Bright Baby

Babies love things with bright colors, so educational toys in these primary colors help to capture and keep their attention.  First up is the Mozart Magic Music Cube.  This colorful cube comes decorated in brilliant yellow, blue, red, and green.  And while it might not make your little one a famous composer, who knows?  Magic Music Cube features eight Mozart compositions that your baby can change to create a new sound.

It works by allowing your baby to add or subtract certain instruments to change the piece being played.  Each side of the cube represents a different instrument.  At the touch of a button, baby can “turn off” one instrument, such as the violin, and add another, such as the piano.  Babies love music, and experts say that listening to classical music can go beyond what you might think.  Classical music can help babies feel calmer and sleep better, but they also say that listening to classical music can make your baby “healthier, happier, and smarter.” The cube is for all ages.

Music Soothes

Continuing the musical theme, Musical Ellie the Elephant Sings A-B-C Teaching Toy, also decked out in bright primary colors, sings the alphabet song when squeezed.  Ellie is for babies 6 months and older.  Ocototunes! Lamaze Musical Octopus Toy makes a different note every time baby squeezes a tentacle.  Octotunes Octopus is 18” tall, features bright colors and is a winner of the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award.  Ocotunes is soft, plush, and easy to carry with attached handle.  The bright colored tentacles help baby learn his colors, too.

Babies and educational toys

Sports Time

The Baby Farm Friends Soft Bowling Set features six animal bowling pins, each with a different animal head and number.  The pins, as well as the ball, are made of soft fabric with stuffing inside for softness.  The pins can be set up and knocked down with the ball, snuggled with, or played with in addition to being used as a pin.  They are brightly colored with contrasting numbers and each pin makes three different sounds when shaken.  The ball also makes a chiming sound.  This is rated for babies 12 months and up.

Baby Basketball, for ages 12 months and up, and featured in Ladies Home Journal in their Best Toy list, comprises six safari balls in bright colors, each with a different animal face.  As with the bowling set, each animal features sounds like jingles, rattles, and squeaks.  The basketball goal features a colorful mural with each animal frolicking in the jungle.  The pop-up backboard, weighted bottom, and mesh basket allows baby to “dunk” any toy he wants.  This is perfect for developing eye/hand coordination.

Help your little genius play his way to learning.  Through music, sounds, shapes, and colors baby is learning his colors, numbers, and building coordination, all while have such great fun.



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