Autumn Clothing

Autumn Clothing Must Haves

With autumn here, it’s time to find the best clothing to protect yourself from the chill. However, you don’t want to just grab an old sweater and walk out of the house like that! You want to show off your style, no matter the weather. If you’re ready to get your fall fashion on, then you’ve got to know about this autumn’s clothing must haves! Don’t worry about whether you’ll just blend in with the rest, because with our tips, you’ll always shine bright.

Biker Jacket

Bikers are coming back! While we’re not exactly telling you to go to work in a Harley, we do recommend trying out the new line of biker jackets! These stylish jackets can be leather, pleather, or plastic, and the more fitted the better. They’re the best accessory for a cool fall day, when you don’t have to worry too much about keeping warm, but still want to have long sleeves on. They’re versatile jackets, and can work with nearly any kind of outfit, as long as you pair it with the right colors! Pair it with some rockin’ jewelry to really outshine the competition. Studded jewelry, lots of zippers, and even a neon top will complete your look with hardly any effort at all.

 Autumn Clothing


Fall brings back the pants, and pants bring back the leggings! Leggings are back in fashion, and with it, the long tunics. Leggings can either be woolen and warm, or thin and still cool, and they now come in dozens of different patterns, colors, and styles. Time to bring out your favorite leggings, or go get some of the newest styles! We do recommend pairing these with a short dress or a tunic, though they’re versatile enough to wear with most outfits. If you’re not much of a fan of adding color to your legs, or you still want to wear a daring dress, despite the temperature, try a nude pair. They’ll keep your legs warm while pretending to be invisible, and you can draw more attention to the rest of your outfit. Try them out, and see what fantastic styles you can come up with from your closet!

Trench Coat

Talk about high fashion! These fun oldies have made an astounding return. Whether you’re used to seeing black and white detectives sporting the trench coat and pipe, or expect an international spy to wear one with the collar up, trench coats are deeply ingrained in our media. Why not have them become a part of our closet, too? They’re warm, stylish, and can fit with nearly any outfit. You don’t have to have a fitted trench coat to be the next supermodel, either, so they’re easy to get ahold of. Feel like a tan coat is too boring for you? No worries, they’re available in all sorts of colors now. Try out a pumpkin orange, or fall green, or even a stunning purple! Depending on where you go, you can easily bring home a coat for every color of the rainbow, with or without the classic tan.



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