Are Convertible Cribs Worth the Expense

Convertible cribs, also called 4 in 1 cribs, are designed to stay with your child for a long time.  They serve as a safe resting place for babies before transforming to a toddler bed, to a daybed, then to a full-sized bed.  They are often made of solid material (such as wood) for maximum longevity with color choices ranging from classic white to sleek neutrals like grey, brown, and black.  They are available at online and brick and mortar retailers from reputable companies such as Dream On me, Childcraft, and Graco.  When purchasing a crib, especially if you are considering a convertible crib, a lot of people wonder if it is worth the expense, she here is a breakdown of the numbers.


One thing to keep in mind with a convertible crib is how much space you have and how much additional furniture will be going into the nursery.  Also measure out all dimensions of the crib for each of its form factors to make an accurate decision.  If you have large rooms that can accommodate all of the crib forms and extra furniture while allowing for play space on the floor, a convertible crib is a viable option.  If the room is somewhat small then consider getting a regular crib and switching over to bunk or trundle beds when the time comes.  Remember to always allocate room for furniture and play space!

Are Convertible Cribs Worth the Expense


If you are planning on only having one child, a convertible crib could be a smart choice if you have enough space.  If you are planning on having more than one child, are you prepared to buy another crib (regardless of type) and will each child have their own room or share a room?  If you have more than one baby and just one nursery this is where trundle/bunk beds can come in handy and a convertible crib might not be your best option.


Finally, ask yourself how long a convertible crib will really last.  Several parents have commented that their children used crib rails to relieve teething and did so much damage they don’t want to use the crib as a long-time piece of furniture.  Little ones can also do a surprising amount of damage to things so the crib might have battle scars other than being used as a teething toy.  Yet teething damage can easily be avoided by putting a specially-designed cover over the guardrails.

Price and Availability

Most of the cribs on the market actually are convertible models as it is becoming more and more difficult to find just a plain crib.  Some people simply purchase the crib they like regardless of whether or not it is a convertible as they do not have to use it in any other form.  Then there is the factor of price since it is very important to purchase a crib that is within your budget.  If the plain one and the convertible are close enough in price go with the one you are fairly sure you will get the most use from.

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