5 Tips for Safe Bathing

Bath time can be one of the most wonderful and most stressful times of the day. On one hand, you can snap adorable pictures, play in the warm water, and get your baby squeaky clean again. On the other hand, you need to be aware of water safety with your child. Read on to discover 5 tips for safe bathing to ensure that bath time remains a fun time and not a scary one.

1. Never Leave Your Child Unsupervised

The most important rule of bath time is that a child is NEVER LEFT ALONE during bath time. Never. Not even for a minute. Not once. A child must remain supervised the ENTIRE time they are in, or around, the water. A child can drown in less than one inch of water. Therefore, you should have everything you need for and after the bath with you before you put your child in the water. Furthermore, you’ll want to keep one hand on your child the entire time they are in the water. If something comes up, like the phone or doorbell ringing, wrap Junior up in a towel and take them with you. NEVER leave them alone. ALWAYS supervise.

2. Make Sure Your Tub is Childproofed

Bathtubs can be incredibly slippery. To help improve traction, place a rubber path mat in it for more friction. Furthermore, you can cushion your water spout so that you can protect your baby’s head from getting hit on accident. Also, if you have a sliding glass door, double check that it is made from safety glass.

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3. Safe Water Practices

There are several things you can do when it comes to just the bathwater to ensure it remains safe for your child. Firstly, turn your hot water heater down from the factory default setting of 140*F to 120*F. A child can get third degree burns from water that is 140*F in just three seconds. Second, fill the tub with only 2-4 inches of water. To ensure that the bathwater will be comfortably warm, test the water with the inside of your elbow or wrist. Lastly, never put a child in the tub when it is still filling up because the water temperature can change and/or the water could become too deep.

4. Teach Your Child What to Do In the Bath

If we teach our children how to be safe in the bath, then chances are they will be. Teach them never to put their weight on the water faucet. You never know when it may come out of the wall due to their weight, or they may slip. Also, be sure you teach them not to stand up during bath time. This will help prevent them from slipping, falling, and hurting themselves.

5. Use Proper Soaps

Baby soap is milder than soap adults typically use. They help to prevent drying out their skin and rashes. Be sure to use soap sparingly. Avoid letting them sit in soapy water too long because this can also irritate their skin or urethra. Allow your baby to play in the water first and save the soaping for the end of the bath.



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