Bringing your newborn baby home

5 Tips for Bringing a Newborn Baby Home

Congratulations, you’re a parent! It’s amazing to hold that tiny new life in your arms, and while you might be unable to stop smiling, you’ve got to remember to take good care of your newborn! Babies don’t have great immune systems, get cold easily, and are overwhelmed by a lot of simple stimuli. Once you’re free from the hospital, you might want to try these five tips for bringing your newborn baby home, and save yourself some stress!

Bringing your newborn baby home

1- Have a friend, your significant other, or other family member pick you up

While they’re on the way, make sure they clean out their car nicely, and bring a car seat. If you have someone else to rely on, you’ll stress a bit less if your baby starts crying. Having someone there for you right after the birth, and having someone else take care of the other stuff will make it much easier for you to enjoy your new life, and for your new life to enjoy you. It also can make you feel a lot better about not having to worry about all the “what ifs” if you’ve already prepared for them beforehand.

2- Make sure you have the right clothing for baby!

While it might be fun and adorable to dress them up in something fancy, you’ve got to focus on keeping your newborn comfortable. If it’s chilly at all outside, make sure their legs, feet, and arms are covered, and that they’re wrapped up in a blanket. If it’s hot out, be careful with how much sun they get, and keep them protected at all times. Babies burn very easily, and cry a lot more when they hurt!

3- Spend lots of time with the child

The ride in the car might have made your child anxious, or they might have just slept through it all. Either way, you’re bringing them into a new world, with new sensations and new smells. Make sure they spend plenty of time with mommy, listening to her heart and knowing she’s there. It will ease plenty of their stress, and they’ll be more likely to adjust to their home faster.

4- Have the bedroom already set up

While this might seem a little redundant, because who wouldn’t, make sure everything is done before you even go to the hospital. Have a place for the baby to sleep, have clean sheets on your bed, have some meals already cooked and packed away in the freezer, and have the house relatively clean. Coming home to a house that’s already been taken care of will keep you stress free, helping keep baby stress free, too.

5- Finally, don’t have visitors right away

I know, your mother-in-law or grandmother might be dying to come see the little one, but let the child get adjusted first. Spend the first day with just you and the baby, and no outside relatives spending too much time around the child. If they want to come over while the baby is resting to help you out, that’s fine, but the child will need a little time to adjust to the sudden environment change. Once they seem more relaxed, by all means, bring on the pictures!



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