5 New Mom Essentials I Never Knew I Needed

Being a new mom can be both an exciting and difficult time. You will get plenty of people telling you all the things “you need to have.” Yet, many of those things are not truly needed, just recommendations. Here is a list of 5 New Mom Essentials that I Never Knew I Needed.

1. Nursing Pillow

Many new moms believe that nursing will be easy. Yet, sometimes this isn’t the case and as your baby grows bigger, the more uncomfortable it is going to be to nurse your baby. Also, the more you are nursing, your arms will become sore and uncomfortable for where the baby usually lays. To avoid this, invest in a nursing pillow to relieve yourself from these pains and also to make sure you are the most comfortable while nursing.

New Mom Essentials

2. Diaper Disposal System

When thinking about your new baby, of course you realize that you need diapers, and lots of them! However, one thing that I really didn’t put much thought into would be what I was going to do with all the diapers after. Most people just assume you would throw them away with the trash, right? Well, unless you want your home to smell like a diaper, you’ll want to get a diaper disposal system to help with the odor.

3. Hooded Terrycloth towels

While average towels will do the job of drying your baby after a bath, the hooded terrycloth towels are so much easier! I would say that every parent needs at least 3 or 4 of these laying around the house. They keep your baby warm and allow you to wrap up your baby easily. And, later these can turn into capes and costume’s in your baby’s later years.

4. White Noise Machine

Many people are resistant to noise machines as recent studies have shown that these may cause damage to children’s ears and hearing. Well, if you look closer at the data, it says that these problems occur because the sound was put too high and that the machine was placed too close to the baby’s crib. The sound machine itself is an essential tool to helping your baby sleep and not be interrupted by outside noises, like a car driving by in the middle of the night, and therefore allowing them to get a better sleep and you.

5. Nursing bras and pads

Many new moms believe that they can just wear the same bras they wore during their pregnancy and even before. This really is not the case, especially if you are looking for comfort and convenience. Invest in nursing bras to make nursing easier and be more comfortable. Also, you want to make sure that you also get nursing pads to avoid leaks through these bras (as they are less material) and it keeps your shirts dry.



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