5 Items to Always Keep in Your Diaper Bag

A diaper bag isn’t just for diapers, it is an all-in-one essential that serves as multiple accessories in one.  Since some women use a diaper bag as a purse too, it needs to be capable of holding several different essentials.  Here are some recommendations on what you should always keep in a diaper bag.


While this is rather obvious you also need to consider the adequate number of diapers.  You will certainly need one for every hour you are out and definitely have a few extras or more than enough extras depending on your baby’s habits.  Don’t forget the other essentials like wipes, rash cream, a changing bad, bags to put used items in, and hand sanitizer.


Make sure your diaper bag contains bottles of formula or breast milk and other types of food.  These might include baby food, a spoon, bags of snacks like Cheerios, or a sippy cup for toddlers.

Diaper Bag


If you are nursing you might want to keep a cover in your diaper bag.  It is a fabric drape that gives you much more privacy than slinging a blanket over your shoulder.  Pack a blanket too as this can be used to cover your baby, substitute for a changing pad, or be used as a bib, shade, or burp cloth.

Extra Clothes

As infants can do unexpected things it is a good idea to keep a change of clothes in your diaper bag.  You never know if drooling, spitting up, or a particularly full diaper might call for a complete change of clothes.  This is also where carrying around bags for dirty items comes in handy.

Emergency Information

While it is very important to have doctor’s contact information stored in your phone and insurance cards in your wallet, it is also critical to keep important information in your diaper bag.  This should include your name and all of your contact information, your child’s name, a list of doctor information and allergies, any medical conditions and medications, and emergency contact information.  In all honesty, your phone and/or purse are more likely to be stolen than your diaper bag and if anything happens to you, the information will be immediately accessible.


There are several additional items you can have on hand in a diaper bag if you need them in a pinch.  These include tissues, nail clippers, breast pads (if you’re nursing), a sling for hand-free transport, toys, a pacifier, a hat and/or sunscreen for your child, and basic first aid supplies such as bandages, antibiotic ointment, pain reliever, and other supplies.  And your baby isn’t the only one who might need a change of clothes if certain situations arise so be sure to keep a new shirt packed for yourself.  If your diaper bag doubles as a purse, make sure you have all of your essentials packed such as a wallet, cell phones, keys, sunglasses, or anything else you would usually carry.  And as always, it’s better to over pack as under pack.  You’re much better off having something and not needing it than needing something and not having it.



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