5 Baby Items You Can Live Without

Baby gear is a multi-million dollar industry in the U.S. If you’ve ever registered for baby shower gifts, you know there are things out there for baby that you never knew even existed. It gets expensive investing in all that stuff! Let us save you a little money with our list of 5 baby items you can live without.

#1  The Changing Table

Changing tables are a nice piece of furniture for the nursery, and they’re a nice idea too. We like the thought of carrying your baby to the nursery and laying them on the changing table for a new diaper or fresh outfit. The reality, however, is that you will find yourself changing that baby all over the house. You’ll use your bed, their crib (in the middle of the night), the couch and the floor at some point. It’s not that the changing table isn’t useful, it’s just that you won’t use it nearly as much as you think.

#2  The Wipe Warmer

There will be some debate about this one, but a special device to keep baby wipes warm is a luxury you can easily forego. We’ve never heard of a baby being traumatized by a cool cloth on their bum during a diaper change. Plus, we bet you’re more likely to use the wipes sitting on the coffee table than running to get a warm one each time.

Baby Items You Can Live Without

#3 The Swaddler

There must be a special class in nursing school on infant swaddling because they make it look deceptively easy. And it does take some practice to master. There are pre-fabricated swaddling blankets on the market with built-in hoods and Velcro tabs designed to help you swaddle your baby. Save your money. Junior is going to wriggle out of it in the first few minutes anyway. Plus, after one washing, those things inevitably shrink down to nothing.

#4 Fully Coordinated Newborn Outfits

That 3-piece suit with matching shoes is cute for your new baby boy, but not very practical. Other than for Church, these clothes are virtually worthless for every day. The truth is you kiddo is going to spend the vast majority of their time in a sleeper or onesie during the first year. Plus, they’re growing so fast those tricked-out sneakers are only going to last about a month. Save your Money.

#5 Travel Bottle Warmer

Every mom will, at some point, put a travel bottle warmer in the yard sale. These warmers resemble a mini-insulated bag to hold a bottle and they have an adapter to plug into your car to keep the milk warm. Three reasons this is an item you don’t need: first, if you’re nursing, breast milk can stay at room temperature for a considerable time without spoiling. Second, if you’re formula feeding you mix that immediately before use, and third: these things never work anyway.

There you have it: 5 baby items you can live without. Unlike the Boppy Pillow, the baby sling, and the vibrating bouncy-chair, these items are definitely on the “nice but not necessary” list. Use the money instead to buy a well-deserved massage for Mama.


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