4 Ways to Make Any Baby Shower More Fun!

Baby showers are exciting activities that soon-to-be moms look forward to. This is also the time for expectant mothers and their loved ones to gather as they anticipate the coming of their little one. To make this even more meaningful and enriching, it may be a great idea to incorporate these 4 activities to make any baby shower more fun.

1. Play some games

Nothing can be more exciting than playing interesting games that are perfect for baby showers. You can either go for the usual games like “Dress the Baby” that is much like a contest on who can finish dressing up a doll with baby clothes, or you can do “Decorate Baby’s Clothes” and ask your guests to use their creativity and artistic skills in designing paper cutouts of clothes. If you wish, you can invent your own game, as long as it is relevant to the occasion or theme of the party.

2. Serve tasty food

After playing some games, it is only right that you serve good food for your guests. If you have a theme, you may use this in deciding on your menu. For instance, you may serve all veggies as your dishes, or you may opt for grilled treats. Other excellent ideas for the menu include sweets, savory meals or something cool to beat the summer’s heat. Your choice when it comes to food is limitless!

Baby Shower

3. Decorate the room

Naturally, a fun baby shower requires a well-decorated room. While this is not exactly an activity that your guests can do during the even, it is something you can prepare to make the baby shower a blast. Decide on a theme such as “Aloha, Baby” that features Hawaii-inspired decor, or you may have “Sweet Summer Shower” with a summer-y vibe for the decor. Although you want the room to be perfectly decorated, you can still stick to your budget and have an amazing ambience without breaking the bank. It only takes your resourcefulness and artistry at the same time.

4. Do karaoke baby shower party

Do you and your guests love to sing? If so, then a karaoke party should be a fun way to have a baby shower. While this may seem a bit strange to some people, this can be an exciting activity for the party that will satisfy your passion for music and singing. You can do karaoke at the start of the party, or you may do this before everyone goes home. Since singing is also a way to release stress and pent up emotions, karaoke should make you and your guests feel lighter and less bogged down by moods or stressful circumstances.

Having a baby shower is a fantastic way to let the word out about the coming of your soon-to-be bundle of joy. This is also a time to celebrate this momentous even with your family and friends. So, give everyone reasons to enjoy this event by including these great ideas to make baby showers more fun and more meaningful, as well.



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