3 Ways to Save Money on Your New Nursery

A very enjoyable activity for expectant parents (especially moms) is setting up the nursery.  However, people tend to go a little overboard and rack up a lot of expenses while creating the perfect nursery.  Setting up a “full-service” nursery with items like mobiles, cribs, changing tables, and decorations can easily run at least $1,500.  This is before all other (numerous) expenses and keep in mind it is for a room that will have to eventually be updated.  Here are three tips to help you set up a nursery one a budget.

Go with Used

Asking for help from friends, family, and shopping for used items is the most significant way to reduce nursery expenses.  Asking your family if they are willing to hand something down to you at no cost is one thing but when it comes to friends and coworkers ask if they have anything you can buy.  They will appreciate the gesture even if they won’t think of taking your money.  And let’s be honest, it doesn’t make you look cheap and you have maintained your dignity.  This holds especially true in asking coworkers about these things since you don’t want to be talked about negatively in your workplace.  Shop at consignment shops and do not ever estimate looking in the classified section of your local newspaper or Web sites such as Craig’s List.  For items you cannot obtain used put the things you need on your baby registry.

3 Ways to Save money on Your New Nursery

Get Creative

Making the nursery wall art yourself is not just a great way to save money it gives you a fun project.  Framing pictures from children’s books or even calendars gives you unique décor and once more you can look for artwork secondhand.  You can use stencils to paint the walls with a variety of designs and colors for a very individualized touch and some wall art options can be created with the help of friends.  Wooden letters that spell out your child’s name or other messages have become very popular.  Buy some inexpensive, plain wooden letters at a craft show and incorporate the activity of painting them into your baby shower.

Staying Power

Purchasing nursery items and décor with staying power is a long-term way to save money on your nursery.  If you choose items that will grow with your child and your family this is a sensible investment.  Choose a glider that can be moved from the nursery to the living room and if space permits, a convertible crib that can be transformed into a larger bed when the time comes.  Instead of a changing table, buy a dresser that you can put a changing pad or station on top of.  You can use the drawers for diapers and other changing essentials.  If you plan on having more than one child, go with a regular crib so you can put bunk beds or another option for multiple residents in the nursery.  Finally, opt for gender-neutral colors and décor in the nursery so you won’t have to purchase new items and completely redecorate the room.

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