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3 Simple Homemade Toys Your Baby will Love

We’ve all heard the story about parents who bought some amazing toy for their baby, only to have them seem much more interested in the box it came in? It’s true: babies are fascinated by lots of things, including bright colors, interesting shapes, strange textures. For this reason, sometimes you can make a toy that will be even more fun for your baby than a store-bought one. Here are three simple homemade toys your baby will love.

Explosion of Color

Create a fun toy that’s colorful and noisy with a few items you either already have at home or are super simple and inexpensive to acquire. Upcycle a clear plastic water bottle by washing it, removing the label and filling it with colorful items like marbles, crayons, beads, coins or other small items. Before you put the lid back on, place a dab of glue on the threads. This will help to ensure that the lid doesn’t readily come off, spilling the pieces or presenting a choking hazard.

Rattle and Roll

You can make a rattle out of any container by placing a handful of dried beans inside. Take an oatmeal canister and cover it with colorful fabric scraps or contact paper. Place dried beans inside and tape the lid securely in place. Then, baby can shake the container or roll in on the floor to hear the beads rattle inside. In this same spirit, you can place rice in a wrapping paper tube and secure both ends with contact paper, duct tape or other materials. Fill with rice and enjoy the sounds of gently falling rain each time you invert the tube! You can make a rattle using small stones in a plastic bottle, too.

homemade photo book

Photo Book Fun

Baby will like looking at pictures of family members. Create a photo album at home with cardboard and contact paper, or simply purchase one at a discount store for a dollar or two. The key here it to fill the album with copies of photos – print them at home on a color printer. They don’t even have to be on photo paper. Use clear tape to “seal” the pages so the photos can’t be removed and then let baby look, carry and drool all over that book!

When you start to look around, you’ll find plenty of items around your home that can be made into really fun baby toys. Look for bright colors, odd shapes, things that can make noises, and interesting textures. Babies are always curious, so anything that lets them explore and discover will be an instant hit. Just remember that homemade toys can carry many of the same risks as store-bought ones: be extra careful about anything which could accidently strangle the baby or cause them to choke. Never leave baby unattended with a toy. Instead, play and discover your new toy together.

Try these three simple homemade toys your baby will love. They’re sure to get lots of giggles from your baby.



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