3 Reasons Why Dads Should Be Invited To the Baby Shower

Celebrating to coming of a new baby shouldn’t be limited to only women. It’s more common for partners and spouses to be joining the new mom at her shower these days. It should be a huge celebration where everyone is allowed to come and spread joy to the new parents. It shouldn’t be geared towards just the mom. Fathers and their friends and even the kids should all be welcomed to celebrate and honor the bundle of joy too. Who’s to say they can’t anyways?

Traditional Showers

The father-to-be usually drops the mother-to-be off at one of her friend’s house who has been planning her shower and spending a lot of money. The theme is always women only and lots of games. Traditional showers happen a lot still and that’s fine. If that’s what you want, go for it!

But, if you want to be creative and think outside the box, let the father and his friends join the fun. The more the merrier!

Here are three main reasons why the fathers should be at the shower and even help plan the festivities.

3 Reasons Why Dads Should Be Invited To the Baby Shower


#1 Reason: He wants to be a part of it

You may think he wants nothing to do with the baby shower. Have you asked him what his thoughts are? Have you two talked about what type of shower, if even, you will have?

Now’s a good time to discuss this with him since he is also the parent to the sweet baby you’re working so hard to nourish. He may feel left out and kept in the dark during the baby shower festivities. Suggest to him a co-ed shower where children are also aloud and see what his options are on the idea. He wants to be just as much involved with the new baby’s life as you do. He is also just as excited as you are. Keep that in mind before deciding on a traditional shower.

Reason #2: It will be cheaper

You’ll spend a lot less money and time planning for a co-ed shower than a traditional shower. You can have a more relaxed vibe with these games and more snacking with men and children around. Having a diverse group would be a lot of fun too! There’s no need to limit to one type if crowd. The more people you have come to your shower, the more gifts you’ll receive for the baby and the more people there to support you and the life you are creating. With a co-ed shower you can have a large outdoor BBQ and make it an all-day fun-in-the-sun event.

Reason #3: You’ll get to plan together & grow closer

You and your partner will have a lot more time to bond before the baby arrives too. Planning a party together and listing to each other’s ideas, opinions and interest will bring you much closer together. You have limited time alone before the baby arrives so make it the best you can.

Next time you toss the idea around of a traditional baby shower think about having a co-ed one instead. Dads want to be just as much involved and it can be a lot more fun!



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