Products to Calm a New Parent’s Nerves

3 Products to Calm a New Parent’s Nerves

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise: being a new parent can be nerve-wracking. You’re getting used to having the baby, the disruption of sleep, the changes in routing – it’s a lot to adjust to right away. You may also be surprised by the amount of anxiety or nervousness you’re feeling. Everyone jokes about those first nights at home, after the hospital says you can take baby home and you’re still not completely sure you’re up to being responsible for this amazing new miracle. It’s normal to have these feelings and there are some tips and trick to help. Here are three products to calm a new parent’s nerves in those first few weeks after baby comes home.

A Trusted Reference Book

This one will serve you exponentially more that you think. Having a book to look up things regarding your newborn will be both reassuring and calming to you. We like having an actual book that you can carry room-to-room and consult at 2am without having to connect to the Internet. Some of the best books will discuss milestones for baby and everything from diaper rash to fevers to colic. In fact, many pediatricians will provide a book – maybe even a booklet they’ve written – to help new parents. You’ll be surprised that nearly everything you’re experiencing or wanting to know about will be addressed in whatever resource you choose.

Products to Calm a New Parent’s Nerves

A Video Baby Monitor

Being able to observe your baby on a video monitor will enable you to relax a little. By looking at the video and listening to the sound, you can easily “check up” on baby without waking them or feeling like you have to be in immediate proximity at all times. That sage advice about “sleeping when baby sleeps” gets a bit less worrisome when you can hear and see your baby from another room.


As a new parent, you are going to need a little time throughout the day to “uncouple” from your newborn baby. No one is able to constantly carry, feed, bath, snuggle a baby 24/7. Part of being an awesome parent is taking care of you as well. Having a product such as a swing, baby bouncer or chair that you can place the baby in securely for a few minutes will enable you to make a meal for yourself, use the bathroom, brush your teeth or just sit by yourself. Something with motion will may also keep a fussy baby calmer or even lull them to sleep. Do not feel guilty about this! Letting baby take a name securely in a swing or cradle is good for both of you.

While these are three products to calm a new parent’s nerves, another valuable asset to new parents is a helping hand from friends and family. Ask a friend to come over and sit with your baby while you take a long, hot shower. Take up a coworker’s offer to bring over a casserole for dinner. Accept the help that’s offered and ask when it’s not. When you care for yourself you’re in a better position to care for baby.



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