3 Biggest Baby Feeding Myths

You may have heard or read a myth about feeding your baby that has made you sit there and question it. This happens a lot and a lot of people surrounding you may think they know what’s best for your baby. You and your baby are the only ones who know what’s best so remember to take “advice” lightheartedly.

Some of these myths are just downright ridiculous. Where do they even come up with this stuff? Here are the three biggest baby feeding myths that have hung around over the generations and won’t seem to die off.

3 Biggest Baby Feeding Myths

Baby Should Never Have Fatty Food

If you really think about this for a second you’ll understand that this is impossible. Of course your baby needs fats in their food. Your baby is also a human and humans need all types of healthy fats to survive and develop properly.

Both breastmilk and infant formula contain high amounts of fats. Babies NEED the fats to survive. They also need the calories because they are growing so quickly. The fats found in the breastmilk and formula is “good” fats though. You can’t compare those fats to ones found in a sugary donut. A lot of parents hear they also shouldn’t give their baby avocadoes because of the high fat content. Avocadoes are jam packed with good fat and nutrition. The fats found in avocadoes are found to develop heart health.

Milk should be your baby’s main diet consumption for the first year of life. Milk has everything your baby needs to grow and maintain a healthy weight and brain development. You shouldn’t introduce meals until about after one year of age and even then it should be gradual.

Commercial Baby Food is Far Safer than Homemade

Who comes up with these myths? This is another one that is absolutely ridiculous. Trusting a product at the store where you might not even know what’s in the product compared to preparing fresh baby food at home using real whole ingredients? This one is a no brainer. Of course preparing baby food at home is much safer and healthier for your growing baby. If you have the time to prepare homemade food this is the safer alternative for your baby. You can use organic GMO-free fruits and vegetables and chop them, blend them and put them in the fridge. Making a weeks’ worth at a time makes the process a lot easier.

Buying “baby juice” is the best choice

Have you actually taken the time to read the label on “baby juice”? It’s HIGH in sugar and watered down and most of the time the juice isn’t even real fruit juice. You have to be careful with what you give your baby. The high sugar content can cause unwanted disuse to their small developing teeth and brains. It’s easy to make homemade juice at home or buy organic juice and water it down yourself. That way you know what’s in it and you can feel safe about letting your baby have a little taste of juice every now and then.

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