Will You Ever Consider Adoption?

adopting an infant

Can you believe that over 100,000 children in the United States are waiting and praying to be adopted? That is a huge number of children available here when people are opting to adopt from other countries. There are a lot of children in need of love no matter where they may live, and the state alone cannot be the warm and fuzzy parents that they need. They can give them shelter, food, and clothing, but they are missing the kind of love and security that a child should be receiving on a constant basis. Will you ever consider adoption?

Think about it

What if you were in an orphanage and you were now a teenager. How would you feel about becoming part of a strange family that you have never seen before? No matter how you look at it, the fear is there. The unknown is scary for both parties, but someone has to take the first step into the abyss. The process alone can be grueling, and long, which is why some people opt for adoption from other countries. My theory is that no matter how long it takes, the end results will be all worth the wait. I now have two friends who took the leap, and I can’t turn on facebook without seeing their happy faces. One thing about adoption is that you have a choice of what age of child you would like to adopt. You don’t have to have a newborn, and there are tons of older children available. This is where the need is so great. Older kids need love too. My friends chose older kids and it has worked out beautifully for them.

What to expect

There is open adoption, domestic adoption, and international adoption. Open adoption is having all information of both parties. Everyone knows who is involved and there is contact with each other. You may be permitted to be there during hospital visits and during the birth. A closed adoption does not permit any contact or birthing information. You won’t know who the birthing parents are. A domestic adoption is for people who are interested in adopting an infant and the mother usually has the option to choose who gets to adopt her baby.  There are several options that you can investigate if you are interested in adopting a child. International adoption is a bit different. You will know what the general fees are upfront, which is mainly for travel expense, and the children that are generally available are between the ages of one and four.  I suspect that older children are available as well internationally.

Whatever you choose to do, take some time and do your research on the matter. It can be a long and drawn out ordeal, so have patience and determination and things will work out in your favor eventually.

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