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What Baby Food is the Best?

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Today there are so many choices when it comes to baby food. Should you make your own? Should you buy organic? The list goes on. With so much to consider, it is hard to figure out what baby food is the best. Personally I went for convenience. After breast feeding my baby for so long, I just wanted something quick and easy. I did try to make my own a few times, but after a while, being super mom just made me exhausted and cranky. We all feel that our babies deserve noting but the best, but somehow we also want to come to a compromise and have simple and easy become what is best.

Baby Food Choices

When looking for baby food it is important that the food is enriched with the nutrients that will be beneficial to your child’s health and growth. We as adult think baby food should taste good, but keep in mind that babies do not have a refined palate yet and are not prepared for certain spices and harsh flavors. They simply want something that is fulfilling to them that will fill their empty bellies. So just because it may taste good to you, doesn’t mean that it is better for them. This would be a good time to introduce them to vegetables such as carrots, squash, broccoli, avocado, and leafy greens like kale, collards, and spinach. These vegetables are loaded with iron, vitamins A & C, calcium, folate, fiber, and healthy fat. Try some lentils for protein.

Gerber seems to be the main baby food brand that is more popular with moms. I used their food for my own baby, but I chose the organic brands. You now have several companies that make organic baby food to choose from if you do not want to make your own. There is Plum Organics Frozen Baby Food, Tastybaby Frozen Organic Food, Homemade Baby Organic Baby Foods, Earth’s Best Organic Baby and Toddler Food, and Gerber Organic Baby Foods. These are all formulated so that parents will feel that they are buying something healthy and wholesome for their baby. With so much to be done by a busy parent, thankfully there is now an option to pick up a jar of readymade baby food and feed the baby anytime anywhere.

Baby Food Tips

The best baby food is the one that your baby enjoys to eat, so try different brands and flavors that are available to you. If you have the time and space, try making your own baby food and freeze it for the week. It may be more economical and easier for you depending on your location. Yogurt is a great calcium filled item for your baby. If you are out and about and need something quick, grab some yogurt. You can even mix in some applesauce or avocado, and make it your own special dish.

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