The Musical Baby

For new moms, the amount of information available on your baby’s growth and development is wonderful. Sometimes, it is even too much information. Some mommies out there have already got their infants in swim classes, Chinese lessons and music classes. What good can a baby truly gain from all these good intentions?


There is plenty of research that supports the calming effect that harmonious music can have on a little baby. Newborns can relax to soothing beats in classical music and other slow tempo genres. As your baby grows and is experimenting with new body movements try out some faster rock or pop beats for fun. While warnings about screen time for a too young audience persist, the benefits of a variety of musical beats cannot be overstated.


Incorporating instruments into baby play time is an excellent chance to practice gross and fine motor skills. You can find tiny drums, tambourines and xylophones in the baby toy section. However, it is just as interesting to make musical instruments from kitchen pots or bowls and wooden spoons. Experimenting with different materials around the house can encourage creativity and an understanding of cause and effect in your little one for years to come.


Albert Einstein played piano. As babies grow into children, there is a real advantage in brain development that comes from the study of music and learning to play an instrument. The piano is thought to be such a great choice because of its demand from two hands working together. This skill is believed to correlate to a special development in the brain, and some say, in the brain’s mathematical center.

No Pressure

It seems that so many of our adult friends that were forced to learn an instrument, hated the process. Giving your child some choice, while making an early introduction, could help make this a positive learning experience. Music in your family’s life can be a real-world application and not another lesson that supersedes play time. Look for concerts that the whole family can enjoy whether they are casual, in the park settings or kid-friendly musical theater productions. Falling in love with music offers a lifetime of benefits and an important non-visual stimulant in today’s technology obsessed culture.


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