Should Baby Boys Still Be Circumcised?


This is a dilemma that has been going on for years. I never gave it a second thought until I had a son of my own. According to medical organizations, being circumcised as an infant will have risks but will produce a modest health benefit. No organization can make this mandatory for anyone because it is an elective surgery. This procedure was done mostly to serve people with bad hygiene, cultural and religious views, and to aid with urinary tract infections. Many people don’t understand this, so they assume that it is just part of a baby boy’s birthing experience.

Delving into the details

Circumcision is the act of cutting away the foreskin from the penis. This is painful and will take a week or more to recover. To my dismay, many doctors do not believe that it causes a baby to have much pain, which is why they want to get it done as early as possible. I even saw a documentary where they didn’t use anesthesia to help with the pain, and just snipped the skin off like they were cutting paper. All the while, the baby is screaming with agony and shaking his little fists in the air.

Years before I was ready to have a family of my own, I read this book by Alice Walker that talked about the circumcision that was done on women in Africa. It was done to keep women from having any sexual pleasure and to mutilate the vagina, and that alone made me stop reading. It has been twenty years later and I still have not finished that book.

Make your own choice

I think everyone should educate themselves on this subject. You will be asked about it if you have your baby in a hospital. I was asked about it over and over again. My answer was no, and they kept asking me until the day I left the hospital. It was as though they were hungry to take away my baby’s foreskin.  As for my son, there was no way I was about to let anybody cut anything off my beautiful baby. I would never want to be circumcised myself, and I would not do the same to my son. If he wants to do it when he gets older, it is his choice. For now he has everything that God meant for him to have. No one has ever died from a little too much foreskin, so I don’t see the point in messing with something that’s not broke.

If you are doing it for religious reasons, that is your call. More power to you. Everyone has the right to make that decision when the time comes. Just make the right choice for you, not because of others’ opinions, or the pressure of medical maybes.

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    I think that if you have done all your own research and ultimately you are still unsure then I would just go with what dad has.

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