Picking the Best Educational Toys for your Child

Best Educational Toys for Childs

One of my number one goals is to help my child to learn as easily and as quickly as he possibly can. I want it to be fun and exciting yet very educational for his little brain. In today’s world there are so many options that we have to choose from, and finding the best has been challenging. We all want something that is highly entertaining yet affordable, durable yet easy to use. Here is a list of items that should help you in picking the best educational toys for your child.

Magnatab Writing Toy

If you haven’t heard of The Grommet then this is the perfect time for you to get to know them. They carry items that are invented by people who want to help the environment or see a need and want to create something to fill it. They have a multitude of things that you may need and children toys are one of them. The Magnatab helps children to write numbers and letters with magnetic balls. Check out this amazing company at www.thegrommet.com .

Early Melodies Pound and Tap Bench

This wonderful little toy will help your baby learn to make music and have fun doing it. He can pound on the bells and they will drop on the keyboard to make sounds. Look for this at www.fatbraintoys.com .

Melissa & Doug See & Spell

This compact toy will help your child to spell the pictures that he sees. It has its own storage compartment so it can be kept neatly all together. It is made of wood and would be a nice little addition to the educational arsenal. Find it at www.amazon.com

Vtech Toys

These are great educational toys that I have used for years and years. Starting from the learning tablets to the baby laptops, there is something there for every age, and the toys are highly durable. My son still plays with his baby laptop that he got when he was one and he is five now. I highly recommend these toys, and they can be found in almost every department store around. Check out www.vtechkids.com for more information.

My Pal Scout

This little puppy will encourage your child to speak and interact with the puppy. It plays music, has movement, and spell words. This product is by Leap Frog and they also have tons of great educational toys to choose from. Their prices are pretty reasonable too. Find them at www.leapfrog.com


Look for toys that your child seems interested in that would be beneficial to his learning experience.  There are all kinds of learning toys that can be found on line and in little local small shops, so do some research. Games like checkers and chess are also games that will make your child think and solve problems.


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