While busy moms may love the opportunity for a nap, unfortunately their little ones don’t always feel the same way. There is just too much going on in their world to take time out for sleep! The good news is that there are steps a mom can take to help foster sleep habits in their child’s day.

Watch for Nap Time Signs
A baby or toddler is more likely to fall asleep if he is actually tired. While this may seem obvious, it can be hard to know exactly when to put your child down for a nap. Throughout the day, look for these sleepy time signs:

  • crankiness
  • sudden quiet when playing
  • rubbing eyes

Be careful not to wait too long after you see the sleepy signals, though, because children are infamous for getting a second wind!

Routine Naps
Once you’ve noticed when your child needs to rest, try to set a daily nap routine. It’s best if you can be at home during set nap times so that the time and setting are consistent. Since babies thrive on following a schedule, they will more likely nod off for that nap if it’s the same time and place every day. This may be more than once a day since babies from 6 months to 9 months old need 2 naps a day while toddlers may only need 1. While it may be difficult to arrange your schedule to be at home daily, especially if your baby naps twice a day, it is sure to help ease into a nap routine.

Noisy Nap Room
While you certainly wouldn’t want loud music playing in your child’s room during her nap, try adding some white noise. Playing relaxing sounds from a white noise machine or even soft music may help you baby or toddler not only drift off to sleep faster, but help them stay asleep longer. Just remember not to put anything too loud right by (or in) the crib, as this could damage their hearing. Also, when there are unexpected noises, your child will less likely be disturbed. Finally, an added bonus is that having noise in the room regularly will become part of the nap time routine.

Fostering regular sleep habits in babies will help them be healthier and happier. Simply looking for sleepy signals, keeping a nap routine, and adding some background noise can make for a relaxing nap time for both baby and mom.


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