How and Where to Announce that You are Having a Baby

The day has finally come and you are happily with child. The excitement of it all is too much to contain much longer, so you need to share it with your friends and family. No matter how many times you have welcomed a new bundle of joy into the world, you always get that special spark when it happens again. The excitement of surprising your spouse and the moment of telling your family, is all worth the time put into the planning of how and where to announce that you are having a baby.

The PlanningHaving a Baby

It would be wise to wait until you are 100% sure that you are knocked up before you tell the world. No false alarms are permitted in this joyous occasion, so have your actual sonogram in hand before you plan a big coming out party.

To me, the most fun is telling the spouse and watching the reaction. I couldn’t wait until my husband got home from work, so I sent flowers in a cup with a note that said, “You can eat the pickles.” He had no clue what I was talking about. He let a co-worker read the note and he explained to my husband that I was pregnant. Not quite the explosive reaction I was hoping for but he was still happy about it anyway. So try to plan a special way to tell your spouse about the upcoming addition in a way that he will understand. Also, do it in a place that you both can see each other in the moment.

Telling the family

I would suggest that you tell your spouse before you tell your family. After all, they had a lot to do with it, and you both will be raising this child together. You either can make an announcement together or talk to each of your families individually. You make the call. Depending on the family, it could be a grand event or a depressing situation. Once again, in my case it was depressing, but I digress.

With a loving family there will be congratulations all around, and someone will offer to give you a baby shower. Enjoy every moment of this wonderful event, and start making a list of free babysitters right then. Get them while they are still smiling.

The dreaded conversation

Sometimes this is not a happy thing to announce and people will get angry. Take that into account and know that your baby will always have you and be loved by you, even if you decide to give it up for adoption. The fact that you love your baby enough to give it life and a chance to have a happy home makes you a loving parent with a strong heart. Don’t be hard on yourself.

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