Helping Your Child to Make Friends

Making New Friends

This is something that my little boy has no trouble doing on his own. He loves to make new friends and it doesn’t matter how old they are. I find that people are more comfortable talking to my son than they are talking to me. They will make a B line to my son, but if I am alone they don’t even notice I am alive. Helping your child to make friends is something that will give them courage and the confidence in life that will be with them throughout adulthood.

Meet the parents

Having a conversation with another child’s parent will give you some idea of what your child can expect. If you are able to become friends with the parent, it may be beneficial for play dates and birthday parties. For me, it is hard to feel comfortable around strangers, but I will walk threw fire for my son, so I have to suck it up. I use to take my son to Barns and Nobles to play in the children’s’ section. He loved it, and there was always someone there for him to play with. I met some parents who were timid and not very friendly, but at least my son had fun.

School Friends

There will be ample time for making friends when they start preschool. Parents seem to enjoy throwing birthday parties and will send an invite to every kid. My son did get some invites, but we were never available to attend. There are always school functions to attend with your child, and encourage them to participate in the programs that they have to offer. I volunteer at my child’s school and many of the students in his class get excited to see me so they can say “Look that’s Billy’s mom!” Children like familiarity and the more they see you, the more comfortable they will become with you around. So if you decide to have a party at your house, the child’s parent will not have reservations about allowing her to attend.

Be Flexible

Be willing to make play dates with your child’s friends. If you don’t want them to be at your home, meet at a public place such as the park or the play area at the mall. You can sit with the other parents and make conversation or catch up on your email. My son loves to go to the mall and play. The trouble is that he has so much fun playing with the other children he doesn’t want to leave.

One nice way to meet new friends is in a dance class or Karate class. Any activity that your child may be interested in such as swimming or gymnastics will have other kids his age looking to make friends. When you are ready to introduce your child to new faces, there are ample ways to do it.

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