Encouraging Crawling and Movement

As a new mom, you naturally want to make sure your baby receives the best possible start in life, especially concerning their health and proper development. Although babies spend lots of time sleeping, they also need plenty of time to be active. The more they’re allowed to roam freely, under your supervision of course, the better their muscles and motor skills will develop. Here are some simple ways to help encourage crawling and movement in your baby.

Allow Plenty of Floor Time

Babies are naturally curious and explorative, and letting them move around on the floor is a great way for them to practice their mobility skills. Up until roughly two months of age, your baby won’t have very good control over his or her coordination. However, ample floor time will help them get there. This kind or free-range activity helps them learn to sit up without help, support their own head and perfect their ability to reach, grab and crawl. The older they get, the more they’ll be moving around.¬†Beware, however. Once your baby becomes more mobile and capable of grabbing things, you’ll need to keep a closer eye on them to prevent accidents.

Be Your Baby’s Toy

Babies have simple tastes and will consider nearly everything a toy. This especially applies to you. Try getting down on the floor with your baby for some quality playtime. Sing and talk to them, have a tickle session or play games like peek-a-boo. Your baby will wiggle and kick their legs with delight, which further helps to build good muscle coordination and also aids healthy brain development.

To encourage them to crawl, seat yourself a short distance away and get their attention. You’re their mom, so they’re going to want to go to you. This desire can sometimes be enough to help them figure out how to achieve that goal. For babies, crawling is much more than a means of getting around. It has been shown to promote healthy bone density in the arms and upper legs, as well as help them develop the muscles they’ll later use for posture support.

Great Toys for Baby

To enhance your playtime with baby and keep their interest, it’s recommended to provide toys that stimulate their minds and their motor skills. A baby play mat adorned with bright colors and fun shapes helps entice them to move around, grab, push, squeeze, pull and look around. Toys like balls and stuffed animals can also be helpful. Placing a favorite stuffy just out of reach can encourage them to move toward it. Rolling a ball in front of them will make them turn their head toward it and also help them practice good eye coordination. They also love toys with good noises!

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